A New International Institute of Economic Diplomacy

Monday June 12, 2017

HEC Montréal, Sciences Po and the International Economic Forum of the Americas – Conference of Montreal are joining forces to create an International Institute of Economic Diplomacy. The two internationally renowned schools will be pooling their expertise in economics, management, the social sciences and international business and allying themselves with the huge conference that is the International Economic Forum of the Americas – Conference of Montreal. The partnering organizations will also foster alliances with other partners from academia and government, based on complementarity regarding geography and fields of expertise.


Considering the changes occurring on the world economic stage, HEC Montréal and Sciences Po view the issue of economic diplomacy as a critical part of tomorrow’s leaders’ training, be it for the private sector or the public sector. Simultaneously, the International Economic Forum of the Americas, as an international leading institution in discussions about economic globalization, has developed the concept of an International Institute of Economic Diplomacy. The partnering organizations will draw on their strengths to further this area of study, within the framework of their respective teachings and projects, thereby bringing together tools for analysis, comprehension, and reflection in line with the major challenges of this vast transnational field.


According to HEC Montréal Director Michel Patry, “Today’s businesses must forge complex connections with partners of different orders, from governments to NGOs and supranational organizations. The International Institute of Economic Diplomacy, at the junction of global business and international relations, will strive to identify new trends in economic diplomacy and to measure the effectiveness and impact of economic diplomacy strategies on our businesses and the economy as a whole.”


“I am pleased to be in Montreal for the launch of this historic collaboration between Sciences Po, HEC Montréal and the International Economic Forum of the Americas. At this critical moment for the future of global institutions, initiatives such as this new Institute are a wonderful source of optimism, as we lay the groundwork for future progress,” says Enrico Letta, Dean of the School of International Business at Sciences Po and former Italian Prime Minister.


“The creation of the International Institute of Economic Diplomacy comes at a time when international co-operation plays a key role in our ability to meet the crucial challenges of the fourth industrial revolution – the digital, energy and communications revolution – that is obliging us to change our ways of thinking and managing. Since the Conference of Montreal was founded in 1995, it has been proud to foster collaboration and dialogue between the university community, the business world and government players. We are honoured to have contributed to the creation of the Institute, which has a very promising future,” adds Gil Rémillard, Founding Chairman of the International Economic Forum of the Americas – Conference of Montreal.


The objectives of the International Institute of Economic Diplomacy are to identify and analyze new issues and to measure the effectiveness of economic diplomacy efforts in different spheres, such as promoting international trade, attracting foreign talent and business, industrial and social policy and transnational governance.


To fulfil its mission, the Institute will carry out research activities, create an observatory, develop a networking forum and set up outreach initiatives. The Institute and the two schools could also offer specific training in economic diplomacy, in addition to classes already available in fields directly or indirectly related to this topic at HEC Montreal and Sciences Po.


About HEC Montréal

HEC Montréal is an internationally renowned business school, with over 13,000 students. Every year it trains over 7,000 executives and managers. The School holds many prestigious accreditations, and offers some 60 programs of study from the bachelor’s to doctoral levels. It is one of the most active business schools in Canada in terms of research, thanks to some thirty research units, including 27 chairs (6 of them Canada Research Chairs). With a faculty of 272, HEC Montréal offers programs in several languages and attracts students from nearly 140 countries. Since its founding in 1907, the School has trained more than 86,400 students in all fields of management.


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About Sciences Po

As a world-class university in the field of social sciences, Sciences Po has had an international outlook since its foundation nearly 150 years ago. Today, among the 13,000 students welcomed each year, approximately half of the student body comes from abroad representing 150 nationalities. Sciences Po leverages a worldwide network of 470 partner universities and an academic community of more than 4,000 academics including 2,400 practitioners to provide its students with multi-lingual, diverse, and high-quality academic programs. Sciences Po can count on its Paris School of International Affairs (PSIA) to be at the forefront in the education of tomorrow’s world leaders. PSIA’s unique and innovative curriculum bridges the gap between theory and practice through 9 dual degrees and 8 master’s programs that cover the most important fields of international relations. At PSIA, world-renowned scholars, regional experts, and practitioners teach more than 400 courses each year to almost 1500 students, 70% of which are international, selected among the best in the world.


About the International Economic Forum of the Americas - Conference of Montreal

The Conference of Montreal is a world-class event that invites leaders from the political and academic communities, public and private sectors and civil society to speak on major issues in the globalization of economies, with a focus on relations between the Americas and the other continents. Created in 1995, the Conference of Montreal is presented every year by the International Economic Forum of the Americas, which is also presenting the Toronto Global Forum from October 30, 31 and November 1, 2017, the Conference of Paris on December 7 and 8, 2017 and the Miami World Strategic Forum from April 16-17, 2018.



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