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2nd place for HEC Montréal at the 2024 Financial Open

February 15, 2024

HEC Montréal distinguished itself once again at the Financial Open thanks to an excellent performance by its student delegation, which finished 2noverall this year.

The School's teams earned a place on the podium in 6 of the 10 events in the competition.

They also won 1st place in three events:

The Financial Open is the largest inter-university competition in finance and accounting in Canada.

This 16th edition took place at the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (UQTR) and brought together around 400 students from 10 universities.



Results of the HEC Montréal teams

Discipline Rank
Managerial Accounting 1
Corporate Finance 1
CFA Ethics 1
Market Finance 2
Stock Exchange Simulation 3
Quiz 3


Delegation Members

Surprise Case: Élizabeth Fortin, Mathieu Lapierre, Guillaume Payette

Financial Accounting: Fabrice Bourdeau, Ariane Gauthier, Alexander Patterson
Coaches: Eli Mignault, Nicolas Richard

Managerial Accounting: Vincent Ledoux, Paul Rivard, Philippe Tremblay
Coaches: Maude Dorval, Céline Gemmel

CFA Ethics: Antoine Chartrand-Deniger, Laurent Desrosiers-Derome, Florence Lalonde, François Paradis-Côté, Lou Richard
Coach: Pierre Saint-Laurent

Corporate Finance: Charles Fredette, Mathieu Hinse, Léo Piché
Coaches: Julien Galisson, Jacques Lemay

Market Finance: Philippe Benjamin-Duranceau, Marie Boutet, Jia Hao Xu
Coaches: Julien Galisson, Pierre St-Laurent

Taxation: Elliot Deslauriers, Marie-Frédérique Mercier, Anna Soligny
Coaches: Mylène Bourget, Carole-Anne Leblanc

Financial Planning: Charline Dubuc, Xavier Garand-Teixera, Alice Gravel-Chouinard
Coaches: Vanessa Hougton, David Truong

Quiz: William Blanchet-Martineau, Étienne Bureau, Alicia Ponce
Coaches: Justine Aubry, Chloé Bouchard-Hébert

Stock Exchange Simulation: Laurence Deschênes, Arthur Doyon, Antoine Du Sault, Thomas Langlois

Delegation’s Academic Head: Céline Gemmel

Delegation’s Student Coordinator: Nicolas Potvin

Accompanying Staff: Anne-Claire Messier-Borreman, Florent Bilodeau, Julien Poupard

Volunteers: Élizabeth Fortin, Romain Hajjar, Mathieu Lapierre, Guillaume Payette

The University Competitions Service would like to thank everyone who was involved in coaching and providing support and guidance to the students, as well as the HEC Montréal Alumni Association for its financial support.


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