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Place of honour for two works of art at the Hélène Desmarais Building

May 6, 2024

On Monday, May 6, HEC Montréal organized the opening of two outstanding works of art in its new building downtown. These original exhibits have been created in keeping with the Quebec government’s Policy on the integration of art into architecture and environment.


Sculptural installations in harmony with the architectural concept

In addition to their artistic value, these works enhance the experience of the HEC Montréal community, while blending in perfectly with the contemporary architectural concept of the Hélène Desmarais Building. Each creation portrays the distinctive aesthetics and approach of the two artists, evoking metaphors that resonate with the School’s mission.


“These works of art clearly energize the learning environment in our community and spark curiosity by creating a dialogue between art and the mission of our institution. I wish to extend my warmest thanks to Nicolas Baier and Ludovic Boney for this valuable legacy to HEC Montréal. These original pieces enrich our collection of public art and are now part of the great history of our institution.”

Federico Pasin, Director, HEC Montréal


Mappemonde by Nicolas Baier is a two-dimensional work that forms an immense bas-relief sculpted from Corian. Monochromatic and intricately detailed, it reproduces a complex, multifaceted arborescence, symbolizing the fusion of progress and heritage. This contemplative sculpture borders the Famille Germain Benoît Garden, which is brought to life by the changing seasons. This work symbolizes the reference schemes of various disciplines that are essential to the teaching and research activities in the School.


Théâtralité contextuelle by Ludovic Boney, is a monumental sculpture that unfurls over four levels and hangs in the atrium on the Boulevard René-Lévesque Ouest side. Built from colourful aluminum-plated tubes, its perception by viewers will change with their vantage point due to the optical effect of the installation. The bright colours and reflective materials used in the sculpture playfully interact with the building’s architecture as the light changes throughout the day. The work represents success and diversity in academic careers.


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Architectural concept of HEC Montréal’s Hélène Desmarais Building

Nicolas Baier
Nicolas Baier



Nicolas Baier
Ludovic Boney