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HEC Montréal and SAP launch innovative learning platform

June 18, 2024

Business Builders, a free and innovative learning platform that aims to prepare future business leaders for a data-driven world was launched yesterday by HEC Montréal in partnership with SAP.

The School made an official announcement of this launch at the opening of a joint event of the SAP Academic Community Conference North America 2024 and the 13thth ERPsim User Group Conference at the Hélène Desmarais Building.


A very hands-on experience

Imagine entering a virtual classroom where students apply visualization techniques to gain insights from navigating large datasets and manage to solve real-world business challenges. This is what Business Builders offers to learners at all levels, including those with no prior knowledge of data science or programming.

This innovative learning platform has been designed to develop essential data storytelling and decision-making skills through real-world business scenarios.

Three distinct scenarios are currently available:

  • Investment portfolio based on ESG criteria
  • Supply chain resilience
  • International expansion
Pierre-Majorique Léger et Karina Edmonds
Pierre-Majorique Léger and Karina Edmonds
Photo credit : JF Quintal

Each scenario is designed to challenge students in specific areas of business management (e.g.: data or market analysis, logistics, and product development).


Positive and multidimensional influence


“All business school students, regardless of their specialization, benefit immensely from learning advanced visualization techniques. These skills enable them to manage and interpret vast amounts of data, derive meaningful business insights, and make informed decisions effectively.“

Pierre-Majorique Léger, Professor, Department of Information Technologies, HEC Montréal


The platform also equips students with unique and sought-after skills that set them apart in the global job market. Furthermore, it aims to connect academic learning with industry needs, thereby ensuring the acquisition of practical skills that are essential for successful careers in the future.


“Data visualization is one of the most sought-after skills in the current job market, and our gaming platform equips students with a competitive edge. By merging learning with gaming, we are driving student engagement while building career-relevant skills.“

Karina Edmonds, SVP, Global Head of Academies and University Alliances, SAP


And finally, one of the cornerstones of this platform is also its commitment to inclusivity. By offering it free of charge to academic institutions worldwide, SAP and HEC Montréal aim to ensure that aspiring leaders, regardless of geographic or socioeconomic barriers, have access to state-of-the-art resources that will help them enter the digital professional world.


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