Over $1.5 Million in Research Grants to PhD Students and Postdoctoral Fellows

2021-2022 Academic Year

March 14, 2023

Granting agencies and their partners promoting research in Canada awarded research grants to 27 PhD students and 12 postdoctoral fellows at HEC Montréal, for a total of $1,547,667 in 2021–2022. They were selected by different expert committees, based on the quality of their academic records and their research potential.


SSHRC and NSERC Canada Graduate Scholarships (CGS D) and Doctoral Fellowships (DFP)

This competition, by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC), is open to all doctoral students in Canada and is among the most competitive. The Canada Graduate Scholarships and Doctoral Fellowships programs support research excellence and allow recipients of these scholarships to devote themselves entirely to their studies. Candidates must have an exemplary academic record and very high research potential.


Type of Award | Granting Agency


Meaghan Girard BESC D | CRSH Entrepreneuriat et innovation
Félix Giroux BES D | CRSNG Technologie de l’information


Doctoral research scholarships - FRQSC and FRQNT

Seven students were awarded scholarships from the Fonds de recherche du Québec – Society and Culture (FRQSC) to help them complete their PhD or postdoctoral research. One PhD student also received a Tremplin Award from the same granting agency to undergo an internship in a practice setting. Furthermore, the Fonds de recherche du Québec – Nature and Technology program (FRQNT) awarded scholarships to two PhD students whose research topics relate to natural science, mathematics, or engineering.


Granting Agency


Tavasoli Ahmadreza FRQSC Ingénierie financière
Marc-Antoine Brière FRQSC Management, stratégie et entrepreneuriat
Julie Gauneau FRQSC Sciences comptables
Meaghan Girard FRQSC Management, stratégie et entrepreneuriat
Marion Korosec-Serfat FRQSC Technologies de l’information
Margaux Manent Doctorat – Bourse Tremplin Management, stratégie et entrepreneuriat
Sina Shahnejat Bushehri FRQNT Gestion des opérations et logistique
Carène Tchuinou Tchouwo* FRQSC - Postdoctorat Management
Chloé Vanasse FRQSC Marketing
Qihua Zhong FRQNT Gestion des opérations et logistique


Fin-ML scholarships

Three HEC Montréal PhD students were chosen to receive Fin-ML scholarships, which aim to train the next generation in the field of data science, quantitative finance, and business intelligence. These scholarships were awarded to them in recognition of their excellent academic results and to support their research.


Type of Scholarship


Clement Aymard Fin-ML Foncer Finance
Ndeye Rokhaya Dieng Fin-ML Foncer Ingénierie financière
Ayberk Sert Saim Fin-ML Foncer Finance


Mitacs internships and fellowships

Mitacs allows graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to extend the scope of their research by teaming up with various partners, including private companies and not-for-profit organizations. Several types of grants are offered, including those for internships in companies and for international research.

All in all, 13 PhD students received funding to carry out an internship as part of their research. At the postdoc level, 11 HEC Montréal fellows received financial support.

Recipient - Doctoral Internships

Type of Internship


Samira Aslsariraei Accélération Ressources humaines et comportement organisationnel
Abderrahman Bani Accélération Sciences de la décision
David Berger Accélération Informatique et recherche opérationnelle
Florian Carichon Accélération Sciences de la décision
Julie Gauneau Accélération Sciences comptables
Mohamad Ghavide Accélération Génie civil
Patrick Groulx Accélération Management
Pierre Lepage Accélération Management
Pan Liu Accélération Sciences de la décision
Margaux Manent Accélération Management
Oleksiy Ostapenko Accélération Computer Science and Operations Research
Ella Patelli Accélération Finance
Gabrielle Trudeau Accélération Financial Engineering


Recipient — Postdoctoral Internships and Fellowships

Type of Award


Jared Boasen Elevate Information Technology
Michael de Souza Dutra Elevate Decision Sciences
Simon Belieres Accelerate Logistics and Operations Management
Aldair Diaz Accelerate Logistics and Operations Management
Jaime Gonzalez Jurado Accelerate Logistics and Operations Management
Hassan Rezaee Elevate Decision Sciences
Farideh Bahrami Accelerate International Business
Said Rahal Accelerate Decision Sciences
Davood Shiri Accelerate
Ulrich Gnewuch Globalink Research Award to Canada Economics and Management
Hafsa Chbaly BSI Management


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