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Bruno Lussier receives award for paper on emotion management during sales interactions

August 2, 2023

Bruno Lussier, Associate Professor in the Department of Marketing, won the award for best paper at the Global Sales Science Institute 2023 conference in Toronto last June. He shares this honour with Fanny Poujol and Michel Klein, 2 French academics who co-authored the paper with him (the latter was also the initiator of the research project).

The Global Sales Science Institute Annual Conference is a prestigious sales event that brings together participants from around the world. The award for best paper was presented by the American Marketing Association.


Feeling better and selling better

The award-winning article, which analyzes emotional management among salespeople using a qualitative approach, is entitled Investigating French Salespeople’s Emotion Management During Non-Virtual Sales Interactions through the Lens of the Gioia Methodology.

The study, conducted in France, was based on 454 interviews with people working in the sales sector, across all industries. The objective was to understand the impact of salespeople’s emotion management on sales success during face-to-face interactions.

The paper explains how sound management of emotions provides benefits that go beyond transactions. Emotional control improves salespeople’s attention, decision-making, and overall sense of well-being. Their relationships at work also become enriched.


Bruno Lussier


About Bruno Lussier

Bruno Lussier is an Associate Professor in the Department of Marketing at HEC Montréal. He has an MBA from Université Laval and a PhD in Marketing Management from Université Grenoble Alpes, France.

His expertise lies in business development, sales management, sales force effectiveness, business-to-business (B2B) marketing, as well as ethics and well-being in the workplace.

His work has been published in various academic journals (Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Business Research, and Industrial Marketing Management), and in general or business media (The Conversation, Revue Gestion, Les Affaires, La Presse, etc.).

Prior to his academic career, he was a consultant, trainer, and manager for several pharmaceutical firms, where he provided personalized business solutions to internal and external clients.