Marcelo Vinhal Nepomuceno granted a Canada Research Chair

June 6, 2022

Associate Professor at the Department of Marketing, Marcelo Vinhal Nepomuceno is the holder of a new Canada Research Chair in Consumer Decision-Making. This appointment is part of a group of announcements regarding the Canada Research Chairs Program that were officially unveiled on June 2, 2022.

The new Chair will benefit from a federal government funding of $120,000 per year for the first 5 years with the possibility of renewal for another 5 years at $100,000 per year. The total amount over 10 years is therefore $1.1 million.


Consumption and decision-making

The Chair will help increase knowledge on the background and consequences of consumer behaviour. Mixed methodologies and multidisciplinary theoretical foundations will be the recommended approaches. The research that will be conducted by the holder and his team will focus on 3 areas:

  1. Social media and online shopping
  2. Anti-consumption and ethical consumption
  3. Physiology of consumption


Social media and online shopping

This line of research will explore the role of social media in purchasing behaviour. Among other things, the research team will focus on the textual analysis of company publications on social media, in order to determine their impact on Internet user commitment and ultimately on a company’s sales. These analyzes will be conducted using machine learning techniques. The results will help create publication models that are very likely to generate commitment and sales.


Anti-consumption and ethical consumption

The research team will study anti-consumption movements and ethical consumption to determine what motivates certain people not to consume, to resist purchases, or to make more ethical consumption choices. There has been an increasing interest in this topic not only from a sociological perspective, but also from companies that depend on a certain type of clientele. Knowledge in this field could also guide the development of public policy.

Marcelo Vinhal Nepomuceno, associate professor at Department of marketing of HEC Montréal

Physiology of consumption

This area of research will focus on the study of purchasing behavior in connection with certain physiological characteristics including hormone levels (especially testosterone and estrogen). The main purpose of the research conducted by the Chair is to determine how an individual’s exposure to certain hormone levels is reflected in their behaviour and consumption patterns. Its other aim is to also observe how the correlation between hormones and consumption is modified depending on the context (e.g., competition between individuals of the same sex).

Over and above marketing applications, this research niche will provide new insights into human behaviour.


A few words about Marcelo Vinhal Nepomuceno

Marcelo Vinhal Nepomuceno has been a faculty member at HEC Montréal since 2015. He holds a M.Sc. in Psychology from the University of Brasilia and a Ph.D. from the John Molson School of Business at Concordia University. His excellent academic performance which resulted in his doctorate in 2012, also earned him the title of valedictorian.

In addition to the areas of expertise that he will develop with the new Chair, his interests include cross-cultural marketing and materialism. Before joining HEC Montréal, he taught in France at ESCP Europe. Until 2007, he also worked in the private sector, notably banking, in Brazil.

As a professor, he has guided many students in their research, including 25 at the master’s level and 5 at the Ph.D. level.

To date, he has published nearly 30 scientific papers and 4 book chapters. The research article stemming from his Ph.D. thesis won an Emerald Highly Commended Award.

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