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BBA 2019–2020 Honour Roll: 20 students distinguish themselves

October 5, 2020

The BBA program administration has revealed the names of the students who distinguished themselves with their excellent academic record during the 2019-2020 school year.

These 20 current or graduate students obtained the highest cumulative GPA, above or equal to 3.5, while completing all their courses without sanctions before the program’s completion deadline.

Congratulations to each and every one!


William Walter

Preparatory Year

Xavier Lamothe-Gariépy

1st year, French stream

Anaëlle Merienne

1st year, Bilingual stream

Téo Satre

1st year, Bilingual stream

Amanda Turcotte-Gonzalez

1st year, Trilingual stream

Laurianne Piola

2nd year, French stream

Alycia Brodeur-Charron

2nd year, Bilingual stream

Gabriel Bégin

2nd year, Trilingual stream


Alexandra Therrien

Analyse d’affaires – TI

Jesse Duguay

Analytique d’affaires

Émilien Castonguay

Comptabilité professionnelle

Paola Cura

Économie appliquée

Étienne Ménard-Bédard


Komlan Elom David Evenamede

Économie appliquée, finance et mathématiques

Mélody Tim Yen

Gestion des opérations et de la logistique

Julie Duchesne

Gestion des ressources humaines

Esther Éva Dufour

Intelligence d’affaires

Nathan Orfin


Audrey Lefebvre


Guillaume Le Saux

Option mixte et personnalisée