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HEC Montréal takes third place at the Symposium GRH

November 22, 2019

The HEC Montréal delegation finished in 3rd place overall at the Symposium GRH, held at Faculté des Sciences de l’Administration of the Université Laval, in Quebec City, from November 15 to 17.

The Symposium GRH is the largest university competition in Eastern Canada focusing on human resources management.

The event, bringing together this year nine universities and more than 350 students, consisted of four parts: academic, sports, immersion and contribution.

This year, the contribution part highlighted support for an environmental cause.

In the immersion part, the teams had to contribute to the smooth running of the competition, and organize activities aimed at socializing, relaxing and entertaining the participants.

Our delegation’s best results




Crisis management


Collective bargaining


HR Quiz






Dribble, Kick and Throw (DBL Ball)









The delegation members

HRM Case : Ania Boumrar, Laurence Danis et Samuel Sauvageau

Coach : Patrick Dubé

HR Mandate : Ania Boumrar, Noémie Montplaisir and Arielle Paquette

Coach : Patrick Dubé

Collective bargainingcollective : Arianne Dubé, Alice Messager and Laurie-Anne St-Pierre

Coach : Marc-Antonin Hennebert

Crisis management : Charles-Étienne Carrier, Adriana Marquis-Duzink, Brendan Peddar

Coach : Joé T. Martineau

HR Quiz : Catherine de Repentigny, Isaac Gervais, Charlène Grept

Coaches : Safia Lukawecki et Lorie Hamel

Sports : Thierry Deschamps, Philippe Lachance, Jean-Simon Lafrance, Vacho Lavchev, Arielle Paquette, Karyne Seracino, Pauline Urbanski and Antoine Vézina

Coaches : Robin Houenoussi et Corentin Mercier

Immersion : Justine D’amours, William Huard, Anne-Sophie Lachapelle, George Nguyen, Kevin Nicholls and Joanie Rolland.

Mentor : Jérémie Gagnon

Co-ordinator : Karl-Éric Pilon

The members of the delegation also received valuable assistance from Jean-François St-Pierre and the Comité compétitions HEC Montréal (CCHEC).