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HEC Montréal takes second place at the Symposium GRH

November 26, 2018

The HEC Montréal delegation finished in 2nd place overall at the Symposium GRH, held at Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, from November 16 to 18.

The Symposium GRH is the largest university competition in eastern Canada focusing on human resources management. The event, bringing together 8 universities and nearly 250 students, consisted of 4 parts: academic, sports, participation and contribution.

The HEC Montréal delegation’s results in each part were as follows:

Event Place
Grievance arbitration case 3rd
Quiz 1st
Surprise case 2nd
Event Place
Handball 2nd
Comité de l'année (CCHEC) 3rd
Podiums Symo
The delegation members:

Collective bargaining: Lorie-Ann Laplante-Hamel, Megan Marchand and Rachelle Goujon

Grievance arbitration: Arielle Paquette, Meriem Lakehal and Clara Pochard

Handball: Philippe Lachance, Philippe Charest, Thibault Delorme, Vincent Laloux, Caroline Zérambe, Naïla Alloui and Marilou Huba

Human resources management (HRM): Charles Gagnon, Anne-Marie Jean and Alex Hazan

Participation: Laurie-Anne St-Pierre, Élizabeth Fontaine, Jade Magdelaine, William Brunet-Fontaine, Jérémie Gagnon and Karl-Éric Pilon (with the help of Maude Gascon and Safia Lukawecki)

Quiz: Renaud Pilon-Boucher, Charlotte Théberge-Gagnon and Isabelle Bibeau

Surprise case: Charles Gagnon, Clara Pochard and Marilou Huba


Mentor: Maude Gascon Co-ordinator: Safia Lukawecki

They were coached by Jean-Yves Hinse (collective bargaining), France Cormier (grievance arbitration), Corentin Mercier and Benjamin Maunier (handball), Patrick Dubé (HRM), Flavie Sumu and Mabéty Desjardins-Conté (quiz), and Anne Bourhis (surprise case).).