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The new IdQ Jobs Index

A new tool from the Institut du Québec for a clearer understanding of employment trends

September 9, 2016

The Institut du Québec has just released the IdQ Job Index, a new tool intended to offer a more complete and objective picture of employment changes and trends in Quebec.

Mia Homsy, Director of the Institut du Québec, says that “In designing this new index, we wanted to get people thinking in a more balanced way about changes in the job market, reduce partisanship around employment data and highlight current strengths and weaknesses in the Quebec labour market.”  

The new tool combines two composite indexes: one describing the vitality of the labour market and the other, job quality. Each index is made up of a series of six indicators.  

For the one-year period from August 2015 to August 2016, the data indicate:

Source: August 2016 monthly report (pdf) (in French)

The IdQ Job Index report is updated monthly, within two hours of the official publication of Statistics Canada employment data. It is available on the Institut du Québec website.

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