HEC Montréal MBA, 3rd in the Canadian Business ranking

October 3, 2016

The HEC Montréal MBA places third in Canada for its reputation, according to the annual Canadian Business ranking.

“This recognition is great news,” says MBA Program director, Louis Hébert. “We are committed to constantly innovating and improving our program, to keep it a reference across the country and around the globe.” 

For this ranking, the Canadian business magazine surveyed 1,000 respondents (MBA students and graduates, parents, HR professionals and corporate recruiters). They were asked to rate the reputation of the various MBA programs, by identifying the schools they have heard of and their strengths.

“All three schools [in the top 3] ranked highly for the quality of their education, the ability to expose students to international markets, to how much they advance students’ careers,” says Joe Castaldo, Managing Editor, Canadian Business.

Respondents also rated such factors as the programs’ excellence and competitiveness. 

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