Honour Roll for Master’s in Administration (MSc) students

18 students honoured for their outstanding academic results

November 16, 2016

The Master of Science in Administration (MSc) Program Office salutes the 18 students whose outstanding grades earned them a place on the winter and summer 2016 Honour Roll.

The students on this Honour Roll achieved the highest GPA in each specialization after completing at least 12 credits.




Marc Alexandre Andre Barragan


Simon Blanchette


Gabrielle Boivin

Gestion des ressources humaines

Yanic Drouin

Global Supply Chain Management (Dual Degree)

Alain Philippe Fortin

Économie financière appliquée

Jo-Annie Fortin

Développement organisationnel

Sébastien Gratton

Technologies de l'information

Jihane Guennouni


Caroline Hilario Santos

Intelligence d'affaires

Akina Matsuo

Affaires internationales

Jonathan Ménard


Kyungryun Pak

Global Supply Chain Management

Shoma Patnaik

International Business

Charly Robinson-La Rocca

Gestion des opérations

Paul Anthony Sarkis

Économie appliquée

Eliane Sheedy

Contrôle de gestion

Caroline Tremblay

Gestions en contexte d'innovations sociales

Louis-Pierre Trottier

Logistique internationale

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