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HEC Montréal Students Present a Series of Activities on Degrowth at the World Social Forum

August 9, 2016

A group of HEC Montréal MSc (Management in the context of social innovations and Global Supply Chain Management specializations) and PhD students have launched the Comité décroissance conviviale, a friendly degrowth committee, to offer various talks and activities for participants at the 12th edition of the World Social Forum, being held from August 9 to 14.

“We came up with the idea after taking the course on degrowth given by Yves-Marie Abraham. Personally, I was really inspired by it,” says Sarah Cacoub, an MSc student specializing in Management in the context of social innovations. “It made me want to raise people’s consciousness, dispel their illusions and tell them about degrowth.”

The committee designed a mobile bicycle-library available throughout the Forum. People will be able to consult a number of books, including a comic album produced by the committee on the theme of degrowth.  

The committee is also organizing two bike rides to visit projects embodying degrowth values. “There are three basic values: produce less, share more and truly decide. We want to show these values in practice by going to see some real initiatives like Santropol Roulant and the Coop Bioma,” says Sarah.

Finally, a lecture and debate will be held on Friday afternoon.

Comité décroissance conviviale du Forum Social Mondial

Left to right: Marion Munoz, Sarah Cacoub (MSc), Raphaël Canet (WSF co-organizer), Abrielle Sirois-Couroyer (MSc), José Fuca (MSc), Catherine Rose (MSc), Jérémy Bouchez. (Photo credit: Mathieu Blanchard).

The 15-member committee includes 9 HEC Montréal students: Jose Fuca, Abrielle Sirois-Cournoyer, Audrey Girard, Stéphane Chalmeau, Evelyn Forero,  Marie-Pascal Laurin, Catherine Rose, Véronique Saint-Pierre, Sarah Cacoub, along with Jérémy Bouchez, Marion Munoz, Gabriel Lanthier, Elisa Manny, Alix Dufresne and Maxime Gabo.