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Guy Archambault presents 9 concrete tools for assessing and developing your managerial skills

August 30, 2016

The very first book by Honorary Professor Guy Archambault (Management) gives you some concrete tools for assessing and developing your skills as a manager and those of your immediate collaborators.

Le métier de gestionnaire : 9 outils pour évaluer et développer les habiletés is the fruit of more than 40 years’ expertise in this field and meets a need that is often expressed by both managers and management students. It is a guide to evaluating and analyzing your delegation practices, political skills, employee motivation or empowerment, and much more.

In addition to having taught over 4,000 MBA program students, Professor Archambault has been a trainer, consultant and coach to more than 7,000 managers and executives in many organizations.

“The nature of my mandates has meant that I have focused on some very concrete questions, including how to tap and develop talents,” Professor Archambault explains. “These questions have been central to my work and I have designed some action-oriented tools for truly transferring learning.”

The first 7 tools in the book are self-evaluations, organized so that you can act as your own coach. You can then use tools 8 and 9 to evaluate those individuals who report directly to you.

Full Professor Richard Déry has worked with Professor Archambault for a number of years. “Professor Archambault is passionate about the skills needed to bring efficiency and humanity to the difficult job of managing, and he has devoted his academic life to guiding managers by offering them not ready-made answers but rather questions designed specifically to encourage reflection and effective action. Being able to get people thinking this way is a tremendous asset.”

Yannis Mallat, President and CEO of Ubisoft Montréal, speaks of a “book that goes straight to the essentials of the job: tapping and developing talents through self-development. The suggested tools force us to look at our own actions as managers, a very useful exercise, and guide us toward the best practices that the author has clearly identified thanks to his wide-ranging experience on the ground. This is a highly valuable book for managers at all levels of responsibility.”

Happy reading!

Le métier de gestionnaire : 9 outils pour évaluer et développer les habiletés, by Guy Archambault, Éditions JFD, May 2016, 194 pages. Available at Coop HEC Montréal.