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100 times 100

March 24, 2016

The HEC Montréal Council of Governors now has 100 leaders, all with the School’s best interests at heart and each committed to donating at least $100,000.

In addition to their generous donations, these major supporters play a key role thanks to their personal dedication to the School and are helping to train exceptional business leaders for tomorrow.

The 100th member to join this prestigious group is Pierre Wilkie (HEC 1983), former President and owner of Laboratoires Dr Renaud.

Full Professor Jacques Nantel (HEC 1981) remembers the Council’s beginnings: “It was Louis Larivière, who at the time was head of the School’s Development Office – the forerunner of the HEC Montréal Foundation – who had the idea of creating a program called ‘100 de 100.’ The goal was to seek out 100 individuals who would each donate $100,000, for a total of $10 million. The School’s Board of Directors greeted the idea with great enthusiasm… but also great hesitation. This had never been tried, at least not in this way, in academia, and especially not in French Canada.”

“But we had confidence in our alumni and in certain great friends of the School,” he continued. “In fact it all happened fairly quickly, in barely six years, thanks to the involvement of the Governors themselves. People become Governors because they believe in this cause. And once they believe, they are our best ambassadors for convincing others.”

“This achievement is a sign of their commitment to HEC Montréal, and suggests that it might be possible to add another 100 names to this prestigious list in the next few years,” concludes Jocelyne Gonthier, Director – Major Donations and Planned Giving with the HEC Montréal Foundation.

Members of the Council of Governors

Anonymous (9)
Pierre Alajarin, 1997
Pierre Arbour
Gilbert Babin
Jonathan Beauchesne, 2009
Germain Benoit, 1981
Robert L. Blain, 1979
Pierre J. Blouin, 1982
Sylvia Bologna, 1988
Jacques Bougie, 1980
Guy Brossard, 1970
Daniel Brosseau, 1977
Viêt Buu, 1971
Manon Campbell, 1988
Pascale Cauchi, 1989
Jean F. Chagnon, 1970
Denis H. Chamberland, 1980
Martin Charbonneau, 1990
Louis R. Chênevert, 1979
Alexandre Choko
Marc H. Choko
Pierre L. Comtois, 1973
Robert Coté, 1976
Jacques Deschênes
Martin Deschênes, 1998
Marc DeSerres
Jean-Guy Desjardins, 1969
Pierre Desjardins, 1973
Hélène Desmarais, 1983
Raymond Désormeaux, 1960
Hélène Dion, 1985
Pierre Donaldson, 1978
Richard Dorval, 1982
Danièle-A. Dumais, 1975
Pascal Duquette, 1983
Robert Dutton, 1977
Pierre Fitzgibbon, 1978
Jacques Foisy, 1978
Franceline Fortin, 1982
Guy Fréchette, 1970
Jean-Pierre Gagné, 1967
Daniel Gagnon, 1979
Jean Gaulin
Denis Gauthier, 1990
Louis Gendron, 1985
Diane Giard
Denis Girouard, 1982
Jacques Godin, 1974
June Hébert, 1950
Wenceslas Jiranek
Maurice Jodoin, 1962
Laurent Joly, 1975
Amir Karim, 1992
Luc Lambert, 1979
Jacques Landreville†, 1970
Guy Langlois, 1966
Louis Larivière, 1985
Pierre Laurin, 1963
Guy Le Blanc, 1968
Philippe Le Blanc
Guy LeBlanc, 1979
Pierre-Majorique Léger
Monique F. Leroux
Jean-Claude Lesage
Michèle Lesage
Richard Lupien, 1981
Jean-François Marcoux, 1995
Nathalie Marcoux, 1993
Rémi Marcoux, 1968
Susan McDougall Chartrand
Paul Morimanno, 1959
Éric Morisset, 1988
Jacques Nantel, 1981
Agathe Normandeau
Alain Paris, 1969
Michel Patry, 1978
René Perreault
Aimé Quintal, 1955
Jean Rizzuto, 1973
Jacques Robert
Pierre Robitaille, 1964
Réjean Robitaille, 1983
Claude Séguin, 1972
Pierre Shooner, 1961
Paul Simard, 1972
François-Charles Sirois, 1997
Michel Trottier
Cora Mussely Tsouflidou
Luc Villeneuve, 1974
Sylvain Vincent, 1979
An-Lap Vo-Dignard, 1996
André Waechter, 1968
Hélène Waechter
Pierre Wilkie, 1983