MBA: 1st in the Canadian Business value ranking!

October 6, 2015

Our MBA students and graduates have just seen more value added to their education and hence to their careers, with the publication of the annual ranking by Canadian Business magazine. The School placed first in the country for its market value. In terms of reputation it ranked fifth in the country, but first in Quebec.

Canada’s business magazine conducts an annual survey of MBA programs and uses the qualitative and quantitative data it collects to rank them in terms of reputation and value.

The reputational ranking is based exclusively on the results of a qualitative survey of 1,000 MBA students and graduates, parents, HR professionals and corporate recruiters. The value ranking looks at both qualitative and quantitative data and reflects different criteria, weighted as follows: 33.5% for reputation; 20.5% for classroom experience (student-teacher ratio and cohort diversity); 13% for average GMAT scores; 13% for tuition fees (lower is better); 13% for required work experience (more is better); and 7% for program length (shorter is better).

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