An innovative, simple and complete introduction to microeconomics for business students

September 15, 2014

publication_microeconomics_JLeroux_NSahuguetAssociate Professors Justin Leroux and Nicolas Sahuguet (Applied Economics) have just published Microeconomics – An introduction for business students, an innovative textbook in French and in English for first-year business school students.

“We felt that the microeconomics textbooks used at university were too abstract for students who didn’t intend to pursue studies in economics, and that the business textbooks were poorly suited to first-year BBA students,” explain the authors. “So we set out to draw up new material using a teaching approach tailored to HEC Montréal and most business programs. With a simple but rigorous approach, addressing important but often neglected subjects, the textbook gives students all the tools they need to develop a solid grounding in economics.”

The first part of the book explains how markets operate and how they are ultimately shaped by individual decisions of firms and consumers, while the second part focuses on business decisions such as behaving strategically in the presence of competitors, making decisions under uncertainty, and dealing with asymmetric information.

The textbook comes with a workbook, summarizing the main concepts in a format adapted to note taking.


About the authors

Justin Leroux holds a PhD in Economics from Rice University (Houston, Texas), an MSc in Applied Mathematics from the Université de la Sorbonne and a diploma in engineering from the École nationale supérieure de techniques avancées. His research interests are cost sharing and distributive justice and their applications in formulating management rules. He is regularly called upon to advise private companies and government bodies on rates for their services.
Nicolas Sahuguet holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia), a DEA in Economics from the École des hautes études en sciences sociales (Paris) and a diploma in management from HEC Paris. He specializes in industrial organization, auction theory and political economics. He has written numerous papers and publications, and received the 2008 Young Researcher Award, one of the research and teaching awards handed out by HEC Montréal.

Microeconomics – An introduction for business students, by Justin Leroux and Nicolas Sahuguet, Éditions JFD, September 2014, 446 pages, available at the Coop HEC Montréal.

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