Paul Lanoie helps create Canada's Ecofiscal Commission

November 10, 2014

Professor Paul Lanoie (Applied Economics) is one of a group of eminent Canadian economists behind Canada's Ecofiscal Commission, a bold new initiative aimed at addressing the economic and environmental challenges facing our country.

The Commission, which will have a term of five years, will be supported by an Advisory Committee made up of former political leaders from across the spectrum, including former Quebec Premier Jean Charest and former Leader of the Official Opposition Preston Manning, as well as prominent businesspeople from all parts of Canada.

It will strive to bring about the fiscal policy reforms needed to ensure a thriving economy underpinned by clean air, land and water. The Commission marked its official launch on November 4 in Toronto by publishing its first report. In addition to presenting an overview of the issues that the Commission will be addressing, the report gives examples of how fiscal reforms introduced in Canada and elsewhere in the world have benefited both the economy and the environment.

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