Concerning the request by MSc and PhD students for the cancellation of classes on March 22

Message from the HEC Montréal administration

March 21, 2012

In an electronic referendum held this week by the AEMD, the association representing MSc and PhD students, its members decided, by a vote of 52.5%, to ask that classes be cancelled from noon to 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 22, to support the student strike movement.

All students in these programs had the opportunity to vote, using the procedures established by the AEMD. Out of the 1,023 students in these two programs, 704 voted. Of that number, 342 members of the association were in favour of the motion, 315 were opposed and 47 abstained.

As a reminder, HEC Montréal has 12,500 students in all, in 39 programs of study. Of the five associations representing HEC Montréal students, only the AEMD will be participating in the student movement on March 22.


Classes continue

Although HEC Montréal respects its students’ freedom of expression regarding the social issues of the day, the School must fulfil its mission and its obligations by providing the services to which its students are entitled, in particular their scheduled classes.

Consequently, the HEC Montréal administration has informed students and staff that all classes scheduled for March 22 in the MSc and PhD programs will be held as usual.

All classes in other undergraduate and graduate programs (certificates, bachelor’s degree, specialized graduate diplomas, MBA and master’s other than the MSc) will also be held as scheduled on March 22.


Classrooms and facilities

All HEC Montréal buildings will remain open and accessible during normal hours, including the Myriam and J.-Robert Ouimet library, laboratories and administrative services.

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