Launch of Carrefour E3

HEC Montréal is launching Carrefour E3, offering managerial expertise in energy and environmental management, in collaboration with Rio Tinto Alcan

December 2, 2010

HEC Montréal is pleased to announce Carrefour E3, a platform for sharing and transferring knowledge intended to help small and medium-sized (SMEs) and large enterprises adapt their management practices to new challenges relating to sustainability and energy management. Rio Tinto Alcan, the first official partner of Carrefour E3, has donated $500,000 to support the new initiative through its Rio Tinto Alcan Canada Fund.

More customized training

By combining the expertise of HEC Montréal faculty and that of actual energy managers from such firms as Rio Tinto Alcan, Carrefour E3 will provide valuable networking opportunities and allow HEC Montréal to offer training geared even better to the needs of current and future managers.

Carrefour E3 is co-directed by Alain Perez, Adjunct Professor with the Office of Research Development, Technology Transfer and Executive Training, and Stéphane Vachon, Associate Professor with the Logistics and Operations Management Department.

“An initiative like Carrefour E3 is not only original, but highly relevant, at a time when decisions concerning sustainability and energy management have to be taken jointly in our society,” emphasized HEC Montréal Director Michel Patry. “We are delighted to be able to count on the valuable support of Rio Tinto Alcan, a firm that shares the School’s objectives,” he added.

“We are proud to contribute to creating Carrefour E3 and to be able to help HEC Montréal professors offer their students training tailored even more closely to today’s requirements and businesses’ actual needs,” added Erik Ryan, Rio Tinto Alcan Senior Vice-President, Communications and External Relations, at the official launch.

Future partners

Other business partners will be invited to join Carrefour E3 in the coming months: firms, government partners, non-profit organizations, NGOs and professional associations.

Various themes

Carrefour E3 will look at a wide variety of themes, from strategic management to government and community relations, human resources management, accounting (best practices), energy management (modelling, case histories and success stories), sustainability (best practices), government policies, marketing communications and operations management.

First activities in April 2011

The knowledge transfer activities planned for Carrefour E3 include a seminar entitled “Challenges and Strategic Responses / La durabilité : défis et réponses,” for its partners’ staff, to be offered starting in April 2011.

Lancement du Centre E3

Lise Charette, director, Fondation HEC Montréal, Hélène Desmarais, president of the Board, HEC Montréal, Erik Ryan, first vice président, Communications and public relations of Rio Tinto Alcan, and Michel Patry,director, HEC Montréal.

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