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Discover the power of giving

The generosity and commitment of our donors are the driving force behind our achievements and our pledge to build a better world. Their gifts empower HEC Montréal to fulfill its mission and extend its reach far beyond the university campus. They shape the career paths of the next generation of leaders and managers, they make our facilities even more conducive to learning and growing, and they encourage excellence and innovation at every level.


$ 1.5  million

disbursed (2019)

Scholarships change the lives of students who may be singled out for recognition for a variety of reasons:

  • Bringing outstanding credentials to their admission application.
  • Showing exemplary determination and perseverance or finding themselves in dire financial need.
  • Being committed to high-level entrepreneurial or research projects.
  • Excelling academically and through their community service or by making a meaningful contribution to HEC Montréal's reputation.
  • Taking part in an international exchange program.

COVID-19: $320,000 to help students affected by the pandemic

Approximately $120,000 was raised through an emergency campaign launched in early April 2020 to assist students whose lives had been thrown into disarray by the current public health crisis. The School and the HEC Montréal Foundation added another $200,000 to this amount in order to lend a helping hand to hundreds of students in need of emergency financial aid.

“I had to move out of residence and was in a real bind. Between exams and having to find a place to live, the stress I was under was enormous. Without your help, I might’ve ended up on the street. It was a real boost that saved the life of a student in need.”

A student who asked to remain anonymous.

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Campus experience: fostering an environment conducive to learning

$ 4  million

invested (2019)

Fuelled by your generosity, we can make sure the members of our community have access to the latest electronic tools, modern facilities and innovative resources, all of which contribute to their learning journey.

In the past few years, your donations have been directed toward a number of compelling initiatives, including:

  • Canada’s largest bilingual business library
  • Technology-enhanced classrooms and work/study spaces
  • A residence for our international students

Espace Renaud: $200,000 to support students with a disability

In 2018, a donation from multiple sources made it possible to develop a space for students living with a disability. They can use Espace Renaud to write a test, take advantage of adapted facilities and software applications, meet with specialists, or simply relax and unwind.

Espace Renaud

“We are delighted that students with a disability can come to HEC Montréal and have access to a space that eases the transition to university life. It’s hard to imagine how much courage it takes to overcome your differences to pursue your academic ambitions,”

said the donors who helped bring this project to life.

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New building in downtown Montréal's business district

Our new building serves as a hub for expertise, collaboration and connection with the business community. As a result, we are better positioned to cater to the needs of executives and practitioners, facilitate knowledge transfer and spur joint ventures and innovation.

Management research: leading-edge expertise

$ 4.3  million

invested (2019)

Your donations have been vital in moving our management research projects forward, incorporating innovation and knowledge transfer into practical applications. These gifts have had a number of tangible outcomes on such things as:

  • High-level training
  • Capacity building
  • Dissemination of research findings to the broader community

Contributing to the betterment of society

Pierre-Olivier Pineau

“Donations and corporate partnerships are what let us broaden and deepen our research. As a result, we can attract more students and professionals to the School, accelerate our publishing output, and hold events and seminars that are a central part of what we do.”

Pierre-Olivier Pineau, Research Chair in Energy Sector Management, HEC Montréal

A major donation to support management research

In the winter of 2019, the J. Armand Bombardier Foundation announced a $500,000 donation to Pôle IDEOS, a research and knowledge transfer hub committed to helping social enterprises hone their management skill sets.

“As long-time partners of Pôle IDEOS, we know just how influential their work is for non-profits.”

Nicole Beaudoin, Chair of the Board of Directors, J. Armand Bombardier Foundation.
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