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Montreal: city of knowledge

Montreal is a dynamic university city that attracts top talent from around the world. Second in North America for the number of students per capita, it offers a stimulating environment for studies and research. It is also a vibrant metropolis, known worldwide for its tremendous variety of cultural activities.


An exciting university city

  • Home to 11 university institutions, with over 170,000 students
  • More than 150 centres and 1,500 institutes active in research and development
  • Approximately $1.2 billion goes to university research funding every year
  • Upwards of 5,600 university researchers

A vibrant metropolis

  • A huge variety of museums, performance venues and restaurants
  • An international district and multimedia district in the heart of the city
  • A UNESCO City of Design
  • Over 100 festivals throughout the year

Montreal in short

  • The second-highest number of consulates in North America after New York
  • Over 3.8 million residents
  • Over 100 ethnocultural communities
  • Over 26,000 international students
  • Some 60 international organizations
  • 68 metro stations and 189 bus routes

Main economic sectors

  • Aerospace
  • Les sciences de la vie
  • Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs)
  • Nanotechnologies and new materials

Distances from Montreal to

Quebec City: 250 km
Boston: 500 km
Toronto: 550 km
New York : 600 km

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