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A limited number of lockers are available at the Côte-Sainte-Catherine Building and Decelles Building.

  • Large locker: Reservation by HEC en ligne is mandatory and must be done for two full-time students (must select one building only). Reservation valid for one semester.
  • Small locker: All small lockers ending with the letters A & B are self-service throughout the session (except in the yellow section from 8401 to 8918 - Section reserved for full-time MBA program). Occupation valid for one semester.

Full-time MBA

There is a special section of lockers reserved for the full-time MBA program students. The locker reserved throught HEC en ligne is assigned to you from the beginning to the end of your program.

Locker occupation and relinquishment dates

Term Reservation start date Locker relinquishment date
Fall 2017 August 26, 2017 December 19, 2017
Winter 2018 January 6, 2018 April 30, 2018
Summer 2018 May 2, 2018 July 5, 2018

You must relinquish your locker no later than the last day of each term; otherwise, your padlock will be cut off and your personal effects will be brought to the Security Service and held for sixty (60) days, after which HEC Montréal will donate them to the non-profit organization of its choice.

Online Reservation (large locker only)

  1. Open an HEC en ligne session
  2. Under the "Student Services" menu, select "Locker reservations"
  3. Select the current term
  4. Select one of the two buildings (Côte-Sainte-Catherine or Decelles)
  5. Click "Submit"
  6. Enter the ID number of the student with whom you are going to share the locker (your locker-mate)
  7. Click "Save"

The system will send a confirmation message by e-mail to both you and your locker-mate.

Where is my locker?

Côte-Sainte-Catherine Building

The lockers are located on the Ground floor and are colour-coded:

  • V – green section
  • B – blue section
  • R – red section
  • J – yellow section

Decelles Building

  • 1st floor and are numbered from A-001 to A-070
  • 2nd floor and are numbered from 3-109 to 3-160, J-9201 to J9632, R-9701 to R-9712

Liability and padlocks

You are responsible for placing a padlock on your locker. HEC Montréal assumes no liability in this respect. For security reasons, you should never leave valuables (wallet, credit cards, passport, etc.) in your locker. If you decide to leave your laptop computer in your locker, we recommend that you use a security cable.

The Security Service can cut any padlock which does not belong to the occupants of the locker.

I forgot my locker number

If you forget your locker number (large locker only), return to HEC en ligne, under the "Student Services" menu, select "View locker reservations"

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