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Financial Aid

Do you want to apply for a scholarship? Need help applying for a loan?


Student Life and events


International Exchange Programs

Do you dream of seeing the world during your studies? The Passport to the World program is for you!


Our team

Mélanie Archambault, Psychologist
melanie.archambault@hec.ca, 514-340-3820
Decelles, office 5.126

Geneviève Benoit, Coordinator – International Exchange Programs
genevieve.benoit@hec.ca, 514-340-6327
Decelles, office 5.226

Geneviève Bergeron, Advisor – Support for students with disabilities
genevieve.bergeron@hec.ca, 514-340-6000, extension 2927
Decelles, office 5.218

Carmen Brodeur, Student Advisor – International Exchange Programs
carmen.brodeur@hec.ca, 514-340-7138
Decelles, office 5.220

Joanne Diwan, Administrative Director –  Scholarships and Student Financial Aid
joanne.diwan@hec.ca, 514-340-3822
Decelles, office 5.212

Marie-Édith Ferland McCollough, Coordinator – Scholarships and Student Financial Aid
m-edith.mccollough@hec.ca, 514-340-6620
Decelles, office 5.216

Lyne Heroux, Director
lyne.heroux@hec.ca, 514-340-6167
Decelles, office 5.210

Aminata Kenkiki, Student Advisor – Student Life
aminata.kenkiki@hec.ca, 514-340-1236
Côte-Sainte-Catherine, office RJ.711e

Jacqueline Lemay, Manager – International Exchange Programs
jacqueline.lemay@hec.ca, 514-340-6840
Decelles, office 5.224

Maud-Andrée Lemieux, Student Advisor – Student Life
maud-andree.lemieux@hec.ca, 514-340-6049
Côte-Sainte-Catherine, office RJ.711c

Stéphanie Leverdier, Coordinator – Student Life and Events
stephanie.leverdier@hec.ca, 514-340-6000, extension 2802
Côte-Sainte-Catherine, office RJ.711a

Ginette Loranger, Receptionist
ginette.loranger@hec.ca, 514-340-3582
Decelles, office 5.120

Karine Parent, Executive Secretary 
karine.parent@hec.ca, 514-340-6166
Decelles, office 5.208

Chantal Prud’homme, Activities Coordinator – Student Life and Events
chantal.prudhomme@hec.ca, 514-340-6437
Côte-Sainte-Catherine, office RJ.711

Joanne Salem, Coordinator – Scholarships and Student Financial Aid
joanne.salem@hec.ca, 514-340-6000, extension 6168
Decelles, office 5.214

Lucie Ackermann, Coordinator – Scholarships and Student Financial Aid
lucie.ackermann@hec.ca, 514-340-6945
Decelles, office 5.120

Guy Epassy, Student Advisor – Activities Coordinator Scholarships and Student Financial Aid
guy.epassy@hec.ca, 514-340-7180
Decelles, office 5.120

Christine Smilga, Psychologist
christine.smilga@hec.ca, 514-340-3820
Decelles, office 5.228

Jean-François St-Pierre, Director – Student community relations
jean-francois.st-pierre@hec.ca, 514-340-6405
Côte-Sainte-Catherine, office RJ.711d

Caroline Therrien, Student Advisor – International Exchange Programs
caroline.3.therrien@hec.ca, 514-340-6000, extension 2422
Decelles, office 5.248

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