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David Doloreux

Professor,  Department of International Business

David Doloreux

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HEC Montréal
3000, chemin de la Côte-Sainte-Catherine
Montréal (Québec)
Canada H3T 2A7

Email: david.doloreux@hec.ca
Phone: 514 340-6872
Secretary: 514 340-6994
Fax: 514 340-6987
Office: 3.205

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  • Ph. D. (aménagement urbain et régional), University of Waterloo
  • M. Sc. (géographie économique), Université de Montréal
  • B. Sc. (géographie économique), UQÀM

Current research

  • Forthcoming

This publication selection covers the last five years.


Journal articles (27)

RODRIGUEZ, Mercedes, DOLOREUX, David, SHEARMUR, Richard; « Variety in external knowledge sourcing and innovation novelty: Evidence from the KIBS sector in Spain », Technovation, vol. 68, 2017, p. 35-43.

DOLOREUX, David; « What is a maritime cluster? », Marine Policy, vol. 83, 2017, p. 215-220.

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CARRINCAZEAUX, Christophe, DOLOREUX, David, SHEARMUR, Richard; « Une analyse régionale comparative de la géographie de l'innovation : le cas des Sfic en France et au Canada », Revue d'Économie Régionale et Urbaine, 2016, p. 1043-1074.

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et al.; « Modes of innovation in the Canadian wine industry », International Journal of Wine Business Research, vol. 25, no 1, 2013, p. 6-26.

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Books (1)

SHEARMUR, Richard, CARRINCAZEAUX, Christophe, DOLOREUX, David; The Handbook of the Geographies of Innovation, Edward Elgar Publishing, 2016.


Book chapters (3)

DOLOREUX, David, SHEARMUR, Richard; « Does the geographic distribution of Knowledge Intensive Business Services affect the use of services for innovation? Empirical evidence from Quebec KIBS manufacturers », Knowledge Intensive Business Services and Regional Competitiveness, Routledge, 2016, p. 99-125.

ANDREW, Caroline, DOLOREUX, David; « Moving from Complaisancy Revisited: Ottawa trying again to define its Regional Advantage », Growing Urban Economies: Innovation, Creativity, and Governance in Canadian City-Regions, University of Toronto Press, 2016, p. 139-156.

SHEARMUR, Richard, CARRINCAZEAUX, Christophe, DOLOREUX, David; « The geographies of innovations: beyond one-size-fits-all », The Handbook of the Geographies of Innovation, Edward Elgar Publishing, 2016, p. 1-16.


Ph.D. in Administration Theses (1)

(Directeur/trice, Président/e rapporteur/euse, Membre du jury, Codirecteur/trice externe)
Essays on Reverse Innovation (Patrick Cohendet - 2015.12.15), by Nebojsa Radojevic
Mars 2016

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