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QTEM Certification Program

Financial ressources

Scholarships will be awarded to students selected for a study abroad as part of QTEM.


Participation fee

Student selected in the QTEM Certification program must pay a participation fee of 240,41$ before a specific date to be determined.


Scholarship Policy

  • Some scholarships will be awarded on the basis of students' financial needs while others will be aimed at encouraging excellence.
  • An application will be required for some scholarships only. In this case, students will receive an e-mail inviting them to submit their application.
  • Contests will be held between August 15 and September 1.
  • Scholarships will be awarded during the month of November.


Scholarship Program - International Exchange Program


Rule on scholarships

The total amount of scholarships that a student may receive cannot exceed $ 4,500. Any funding obtained from an external source does not reduce the amount of scholarships granted to a student by HEC Montréal.


Cost of foreign exchange

Tuition fees

The tuition fee is the same for all destination. When abroad, students remain registered at HEC Montréal and therefore pay the School tuition fee. Statements for tuition fee will be available in electronic form, through your HEC en ligne account. As usual, you must respect the deadlines and payment modality mentioned on the academic calendar.

Plan your budget

You must expect different type of expenses such as:

  • Transportation : to get there and inland
  • Destination expenses: board and lodging, insurance, visas, etc.
  • Academic material : books, texts collection, etc.

Budget Type

The cost will vary depending on the cost of living of the country you are visiting. Check the Cost of living comparison tool for more details.


Average estimation for a 5 months stay
Air transportation

1 200 $


3 500 $


2 500 $

Personal expenses

1 500 $

Local transportation

500 $

Academic material

500 $


300 $


10 000 $


Waiver fee

Student withdrawing after the final confirmation of participation must pay a waiver fee of 240,41$.

One semester international exchange

During the two years of M.Sc. at HEC Montréal, the student will be able to carry out an exchange semester in one of the academic partners of the QTEM network. During the exchange semester, the student will take courses that will be recognized in equivalences in his program of studies. However, he / she must satisfy the requirements of the QTEM Certification program as well as its program at HEC Montréal

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