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QTEM Certification Program

QTEM Certification Program

QTEM Certification Program, "Quantitative Techniques for Economics and Management", is an international network bringing together outstanding students, academic partners and international corporations.

QTEM Certification Program develops skills in analytical and quantitative techniques to support decision-making in an international context. This program is open to outstanding students enrolled a QTEM Partner institutions.

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Develop skills in analytical and quantitative techniques and decision-making in an international context, by bringing together outstanding Students, Academic Institutions, and International Corporations.


Become the leading, globally-recognized network of internationally-minded and quantitatively-trained decision-makers.


QTEM Certification Program focuses on three main values: Academic Excellence, Business and Policy Relevance, and International Partnership. These three values are present in all QTEM activities, especially in the design of the QTEM Certification Master's program.

One semester international exchange

During the two years of M.Sc. at HEC Montréal, the student will be able to carry out an exchange semester in one of the academic partners of the QTEM network. During the exchange semester, the student will take courses that will be recognized in equivalences in his program of studies. However, he / she must satisfy the requirements of the QTEM Certification program as well as its program at HEC Montréal

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Geneviève Benoit
Program manager – Student Mobility
International Activities and Student Mobility

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