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Conseil des Gouverneurs

“I give back to my alma mater, and I think everyone else should too. It’s a matter of helping HEC Montréal stay competitive and building its long-term success.”

Amir Karim, HEC Montréal 1992

Established in 2008, the Conseil des Gouverneurs was HEC Montréal’s first group of major donors. The members of the Conseil des Gouverneurs are leaders in the business and philanthropic communities whose generosity is key to helping cement the School’s reputation as one of the world’s top business schools. Their support is essential to fulfilling HEC Montréal’s mission and to helping prepare the next generation of world-class professionals, experts and managers.

The members of the Conseil des Gouverneurs have given or pledged $100,000 or more over a 10-year period

Conseil des Gouverneurs

$ 100000  +

pledged per member




scholarships awarded

An even greater impact for our community


The generosity of our donors makes it possible to make a wider range of digital tools available to students, improve our study facilities and enhance library resources.


Donations have a ripple effect that helps spark innovation and foster the transfer of knowledge to real-world applications. They contribute directly to grooming a new generation of experts and in spreading information outside of academic circles.


Regardless of the type of scholarship, these contributions change lives by opening up new academic pathways, fostering advances in research, cultivating entrepreneurship projects and enabling students to take part in international competitions and exchanges.


The new HEC Montréal building in the heart of downtown Montreal will be a hub of expertise and interaction with the business community. The location will make it easier to connect with executives and professionals, encourage the transfer of knowledge and spur joint innovation with the School’s partners. This initiative will have a positive impact on students, the business community and Quebec society as a whole.

Anne Bouchard Duchesneau

“This scholarship will be a huge help. I had to take out loans to finish my graduate degree. This money will help me lighten the load!”

Anne Bouchard Duchesneau,, student in the MSc (Finance) program, recipient of the Le Blanc-Dalphond Scholarship

Gratitude for an abiding commitment

The HEC Montréal Foundation and Alumni Relations Office is determined to recognize the unwavering dedication and generosity of the members of our Conseil des Gouverneurs and showcase their outstanding efforts.

  • Members’ names are published in various documents and displayed in donor recognition spaces.
  • Members and their spouses receive a personal invitation to our annual donor recognition event, along with other members of the Conseil des Gouverneurs.
  • Members are invited to attend exclusive events and activities in line with their fields of interest.
  • Members are regularly informed of achievements, developments and major projects at HEC Montréal, as well as their impact on the School.

Proudly presenting the 130 members of our Conseil des Gouverneurs

Pierre Alajarin, 1997

Labid Aljundi, 2005

Claire Archambault, 1988

Gilbert Babin

Luc A. Bachand, 1980

Jonathan Beauchesne, 2009

Guy Bélisle, 1976

Germain Benoit, 1981

Claude Bigras, 2000

Robert L. Blain, 1979

Yanick Blanchard, 1998

Pierre J. Blouin, 1982

Youcef Bouayad Agha, 2005

Jacques Bougie, 1980

Marie-Pierre Bourassa, 2004

Guy Brossard, 1970

Véronique Brossard, 2018

Daniel Brosseau, 1977

Viêt Buu, 1971

Manon Campbell, 1988

France Castonguay

Pascale Cauchi, 1989

Jean F. Chagnon, 1970

Denis H. Chamberland, 1980

Martin Charbonneau, 1990

Louis R. Chênevert, 1979

Alexandre Choko

Marc H. Choko

Jean-François Cloutier, 2008

Patrick Cohendet

François Colbert, 1972

Pierre L. Comtois, 1973

Robert Coté, 1976

Stéphan D. Crétier

Claude Dalphond, 1961

Eric Deschênes

François Deschênes, 1994

Martin Deschênes, 1998

Marc DeSerres

Jean-Guy Desjardins, 1969

Pierre Desjardins, 1973

Hélène Desmarais, 1983

Raymond Désormeaux, 1960

Hélène Dion, 1985

Pierre Donaldson, 1978

Richard Dorval, 1982

Jean E. Douville

Lucille Douville

Danièle-A. Dumais, 1975

Pascal Duquette, 1983

Robert Dutton, 1977

Jacques Élie, 1963

Yves Érard, 1988

Laurent Ferreira, 1997

Josée Fiset, 1985

Pierre Fitzgibbon, 1978

Jacques Foisy, 1978

Franceline Fortin, 1982

Guy Fréchette, 1970

Gilles Gagné, 1960

Jean-Pierre Gagné, 1967

Jean Gaulin

Denis Gauthier, 1990

Jean-Luc Geha, 1979

Louis Gendron, 1985

Diane Giard

Denis Girouard, 1982

Jacques Godin, 1974

Norman J. Hébert, 2013

Wenceslas Jiranek

Maurice Jodoin, 1962

Laurent Joly, 1975

Amir Karim, 1992

Gilles Labbé, 1978

Luc Lambert, 1979

Guy Langlois, 1966

Raymond Langlois, 1975

Louis Larivière, 1985

Pierre Laurin, 1963

Guy Le Blanc, 1968

Guy LeBlanc, 1979

Claire Léger, 1966

Jean-Pierre Léger

Pierre-Majorique Léger

Monique F. Leroux

Jean-Claude Lesage

Michèle Lesage

Richard Lupien, 1981

Jean-François Marcoux, 1995

Nathalie Marcoux, 1993

Rémi Marcoux, 1968

Susan McDougall Chartrand

Avrum Miller

Jean C. Monty

Jocelyne Monty

Paul Morimanno, 1959

Éric Morisset, 1988

Rajaa Mouhieddine

Bertin F. Nadeau, 1964

Jacques Nantel, 1981

Agathe Normandeau

Martin Papillon, 2007

Michelle Paquin, 2008

Alain Paris, 1969

Robert Parizeau, 1957

Michel Patry, 1978

René Perreault

Réal Plourde, 1983

Giuseppe Racanelli

Lise Racanelli

Véronique Racanelli

Sébastien René, 1995

Jean Rizzuto, 1973

Jacques Robert

Réjean Robitaille, 1983

Francine Roy, 1972

Adrian Schauer

Claude Séguin, 1972

Louise Singer, 1982

François-Charles Sirois, 1997

Roger St-Germain, 1966

Louis-M. Tessier, 1959

Mary-Célyne Traversy

Michel Trottier

Cora Mussely Tsouflidou

Luc Villeneuve, 1974

Sylvain Vincent, 1979

An-Lap Vo-Dignard, 1996

Hélène Waechter

Pierre Wilkie, 1983

Are you inspired by what our Conseil des Gouverneurs has accomplished?

Our team will work with you to establish a donation strategy that will help you meet your charitable giving goals.

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