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Club des Ambassadeurs

“We can do even more for students, so they can develop their skills in a much more creative environment. Our donation is our way of supporting an active approach to teaching that keeps getting better and better.”

Jean Talbot (HEC Montréal 1974) and Marie-Hélène Jobin

The Club des Ambassadeurs was created in 2011 to help HEC Montréal rise to the next level. It is made up of 36 faculty and staff members, all of whom are committed to upholding a proud tradition of excellence in research and education.

Our ambassadors believe in HEC Montréal’s mission and help bring it to life every day. They have unique insight into the issues related to developing a world-class institution of higher learning and have a front-row seat to the multifaceted impacts of the progress made toward this goal. Their individual commitment: to donate $50,000 or more over a 10-year horizon.

Club des ambassadeurs

$ 50000  +

pledged per member




scholarships awarded

An even greater impact for our community


The generosity of our donors makes it possible to make a wider range of digital tools available to students, improve our study facilities and enhance library resources.


Donations have a ripple effect that helps spark innovation and foster the transfer of knowledge to real-world applications. They contribute directly to grooming a new generation of experts and in spreading information outside of academic circles.


Regardless of the type of scholarship, these contributions change lives by opening up new academic pathways, fostering advances in research, cultivating entrepreneurship projects and enabling students to take part in international competitions and exchanges.


The new HEC Montréal building in the heart of downtown Montreal will be a hub of expertise and interaction with the business community. The location will make it easier to connect with executives and professionals, encourage the transfer of knowledge and spur joint innovation with the School’s partners. This initiative will have a positive impact on students, the business community and Quebec society as a whole.

Damien Le Bris

“The scholarship I received was not just a pat on the back: it encouraged me to push forward and go the extra mile. I’m extremely grateful to the member of the Club des Ambassadeurs who made this award possible, who taught me and who motivated me every step of the way.”

Gratitude for an abiding commitment

The HEC Montréal Foundation and Alumni Relations Office is determined to recognize the unwavering dedication and generosity of the members of our Club des Ambassadeurs and showcase their outstanding efforts.

  • Members’ names are published in various documents and displayed in donor recognition spaces.
  • Members are invited to attend exclusive events and activities in line with their fields of interest.
  • Members and their spouses receive a personal invitation to our annual donor recognition event, along with their fellow ambassadors.

Proudly presenting the 37 members of our Club des Ambassadeurs

Claude Ananou, 1976

Guy Archambault, 1953

Gilbert Babin

Lyse Charette, 1999

Luis Felipe Cisneros Martinez

Patrick Cohendet

Constantinos Coursaris

Robert Coté, 1976

Léon Courville, 1967

Robert Denis, 1977

Moréno Dumont, 1970

Jean Denis Duquette*, 1956

Pascal Duquette, 1983

Louis Jacques Filion, 1976

Jean-Luc Geha, 1979

Jocelyne Gonthier, 1976

Alain Gosselin, 1981

Taïeb Hafsi

June Hébert*, 1950

Marie-Hélène Jobin

Brian King

Mireille C. Lafond, 1979

Pierre Lainey, 2004

Paul Lanoie, 1982

Laurent Lapierre, 1975

Louis Larivière, 1985

Claude Laurin

Pierre Laurin, 1963

Isabelle Le Breton-Miller, 1986

Pierre-Majorique Léger

Jacques Nantel, 1981

Federico Pasin

Michel Patry, 1978

Jacques Raynauld, 1976

Jacques Robert

Jean Talbot, 1974

Jean-Marie Toulouse

* Posthumous gift

Are you inspired by what our ambassadors have accomplished?

Our team will work with you to establish a donation strategy that will help you meet your charitable giving goals.

514 340-6896 or 1 888 861-2222 (toll free)


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