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HEC Montréal Foundation and Alumni Relations Office

The School, our community, our students. All links in a chain of solidarity, united in their commitment to advocate for higher education in management.

One cannot survive without the others. HEC Montréal’s success is contingent on the support of its natural allies, chief among them the alumni who proudly represent their alma mater as they promote the School’s reputation and visibility.

The HEC Montréal Foundation and Alumni Relations Office is the rallying force behind these efforts and a central hub that brings all the members of this community together.


Our mission

The HEC Montréal Foundation and Alumni Relations Office is committed to fostering a sense of belonging and promoting a strong and enduring culture of engagement within the HEC Montréal community, empowering it to contribute to every aspect of university life and to a thriving society.


Our vision

Build a strong, engaged community that enables the School to be a key player in every sphere of activity at the local and international level.


Our core values

Mélanie Gagnon, Director

“By joining together and tapping into the power of our community, alumni, donors and friends of HEC Montréal can ensure the School is an ongoing innovation leader and continues to rank among the world’s top business schools.”

Mélanie Gagnon, director

A streamlined structure and a closer relationship with our community



The HEC Montréal Foundation and Alumni Relations Office was created in 2019, when HEC Montréal Foundation Bureau merged with Alumni HEC Montréal and Alliance HEC Montréal-entreprises.

The HEC Montréal Fondation and the HEC Montréal Alumni Association have nevertheless maintained their respective governance within this structure.

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