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Plan an Event That Brings People Together

Want to maintain close ties with your fellow alumni? By organizing events such as class reunions, receptions and talks, you can spread this sense of community and pride in your alma mater.

Marc-Antoine Hébert

“I organize alumni networking events. I got involved as a way to give back to the HEC Montréal community. I am proud to uphold its values in my life and career.”

Marc-Antoine Hébert (HEC Montréal 2014 et 2017), President of the Board for HEC Montréal Europe Alumni

Depending on the type of event you’d like to organize, we may be able to offer you helpful tips, logistical support and promotional assistance.

Relive the HEC Montréal experience

Organize local events in Canada or abroad. Get together with other alumni who share your desire to reminisce and network.

Networking: Social gatherings and receptions

Networking events provide an opportunity to build connections with alumni who live and work near you. As an organizer, you will greatly expand your list of professional contacts. This has the dual benefits of advancing your career and helping you feel at home in the HEC Montréal community.

Talks, presentations and panels

These events shine a spotlight on one or more members of the HEC Montréal community and bring their expertise to the fore.

  • Potential speakers: HEC Montréal professors, alumni, academics or administrators.
  • You can organize such an event in Montreal. Alternatively, you can plan one in your area, whether that be elsewhere in Canada or abroad, if the guests of honour will be passing through.
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