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Become a Competition Judge or Coach

Want to connect with the next generation of managers by helping our students excel in university competitions? Apply now to coach them in your particular field of expertise.

Simon Rivard

“My involvement allows me to contribute to the development of the next generation. I help provide them with a stimulating university experience while at the same time keeping my finger on the pulse for new management approaches.”

Simon Rivard (HEC  Montréal 1999), competition judge and founding member of the Jeux du commerce

Share your knowledge, expertise and experience

HEC Montréal students participate in competitions throughout the year. They regularly make waves at the Jeux du commerce, Happening Marketing, the HR Symposium and numerous other events.

Like dozens of other alumni, you too can contribute to getting these students ready for competitions and raising HEC Montréal’s profile on the national and international stage.

Benefits for you


Meet exceptional students who are excited to hear from you in a fun and welcoming environment.


Establish and strengthen relationships with the next generation of managers and with the rest of the HEC Montréal community (instructors, graduates and other professionals).


Showcase your activities for an audience directly impacted by what you have to say.


Sharpen your skills in leadership, mentorship and public speaking.


Add value to your degree: By contributing to the success of HEC Montréal students, you help prove the excellence of your own education.

Jean-François St-Pierre

“Students stay in touch with alumni, which extends their business network. Alumni share their experience with people they know, who in turn step up and get involved. With all that enthusiasm, everyone wins!”

Jean-François St-Pierre, MSc, Administrative Director, University Competition Service

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