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Sun Life Financial insurance – HEC Montréal

International students are automatically signed up for medical insurance, offered by Sun Life Financial. Premiums shall be billed from the first day of registration. Insurance coverage is mandatory, except in cases where students qualify for an exemption.

See if you qualify for an exemption

Obtain your card

To obtain your card, download the impression guide. You can also use the My Sun Life app, which can be accessed one week after your first insurance premium is paid. If you are not on the insurer’s list of covered students, email us at sae.info@hec.ca.

Please note: Before exchange students arrive in Quebec, they will receive an email containing the terms of payment that apply to them.

Available coverage

Find out more about Sun Life Financial coverage by downloading the My Sun Life app or the General conditions brochure. Coverage also includes travel insurance.

Costs and coverage periods

  Sessions covered Period covered Premiums
Regular students (except MBAs)
Fall admission F + W + S From August 16 to May 15 $711
Winter admission W + S From January 1 to August 15 $469
Summer admission S From May 1 to August 15 $290
MBA students
F + W + S From August 16 to September 30 $795
Exchange students
Fall and Winter F + W From August 16 to May 15 $605
Fall F From August 16 to December 31 $396
Winter W From January 1 to May 15 $396
Newly permanent residents or postdocs
Continuous coverage 3-month waiting period to receive a Health Insurance Card $257

How to use your card

Simply present your insurance card to your healthcare provider.

  • You may have to pay a fee when you visit a healthcare professional. If so, you will need to submit a claim to Sun Life Financial to be reimbursed.
  • Some hospitals and clinics send insurance claims directly to Sun Life Financial. In such cases, there is no need to submit a claim.

Your Sun Life Financial card can also be used to pay for prescription medications at the pharmacy. Just present your card and the cost will be waived.

Submitting a claim

Visit the Sun Life Financial information page to submit and track your claim

Expect up to three weeks for reimbursements to be processed. 

I paid my insurance premiums and I have received my card, but Sun Life Financial (or my healthcare provider) says I’m not insured. What do I do?

Don’t worry, you’re insured. Email us at sae.info@hec.ca and we will promptly confirm your registration.

Accessing My Sun Life and My Sun Life Mobile

My Sun Life

My Sun Life Mobile

For more information

Email us at sae.info@hec.ca

Exchange students: please contact incoming@hec.ca


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