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Instructions for authors

Authors are strongly advised to consult the Journal’s Editorial Policy and familiarize themselves with the editorial process.

+  Acceptance criteria

In accordance with the Journal’s Editorial Policy, the criteria for acceptance of cases are as follows:

  • Pedagogical value
  • International scope
  • Quality of the form
  • Detailed teaching notes
  • Authorization of the company (if applicable)
  • Language: French or English

Reasons for rejection of a case

+  Requirements

Before submitting the initial version of your case and its teaching notes to the IJCSM, please make sure that:

  1. the case and teaching notes have been properly anonymised to ensure that there is nothing to allow identification of the authors;
  2. they conform with the presentation guidelines and that you have verified the linquistic quality the documents – we recommend that you have the documents revised by a professional proofreader prior to their submission;
  3. you have complied with rules of ethics and integrity; i.e., you are not in a conflict of interest; you own the copyright to all documents submitted, including images, tables, figures, video clips, etc., and; you have and can provide any necessary written authorizations;
  4. you have obtained authorization for publication from the company or individuals concerned, where applicable;
  5. the case has not already been published or distributed elsewhere or submitted to another journal or case centre concurrently.

Before submitting the revised version of your case and teaching notes to the IJCSM, please make sure that:

  • you have addressed the editor’s comments point by point and provided a detailed letter explaining the changes made to the documents in response to each point;

  • you have clearly identified the changes made to the initial version of the case and teaching notes within the documents themselves (this is usually done using the ‘Track Changes’ function).

+  Presentation guidelines

  • Documents must be submitted in Microsoft Word format.
  • The text is anonymised (no mention of the authors names). It must be clear and well written and must comply with standards of linguistic quality. You must follow rules of grammar and spelling.
  • Use footnotes at the bottom of the page (rather than endnotes at the end of the document). Footnotes should be presented in ascending numerical order (1, 2, etc.) and their numbering should restart on each page.
  • The document must be paginated. Exhibits are numbered (Exhibit 1, Exhibit 2, etc.) and the page numbers of exhibits continue the sequence in the main text..
  • The following format applies to the bibliography, which is generally placed at the end of the document:
    • LAST NAME, First name and First Name LAST NAME (2002). “Title of the Article,” Journal, Vol. 22, No. 2, pp. 2-22.
    • LAST NAME, First name and First Name LAST NAME (2009). Title of the Book, Place of Publication, Publisher’s name, 34 pages.

+  IJCSM Submission

Follow the link  Icône de courriel avec reflet to submit your case

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