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Terms of Use

All subscribers of the HEC Montréal Case Centre have access to the contents of the Catalogue, which also includes those published in the International Journal of Case Studies in Management.

In a teaching context, one must distinguish consultation from class use .

The conditions vary depending on the status of the subscriber, i.e. "permanent professor" or "teacher."

+  How to access a case for consultation?

All subscribers of the HEC Montréal Case Centre have free access (for consultation) to certain contents. In order to access a case for consultation, you must click on . Important! To gain access, you must be registered. To do so, click here.

Please note that access to certain cases is restricted to subscribers with the "Professor" or "Teacher" or status.

+  How to access cases for classroom use?

To use a case in a teaching context, you must click on to order it and complete a declaration of use form, which will call up an electronic document to which access is personal and nominative: you may not distribute or transmit this copy to other users. What's more, use is limited to that which you have declared. If you want to use the case in another educational context, you must complete a new declaration of use form.

Please note that the use of certain cases is subject to charges (notably most of the cases in the IJCSM). These cases are easily identifiable by icons and that refer to our business partners. When you want to use one of these cases in an educational context, you are redirected to the trading partner with which you will carry out the transaction.

+  Who has access to teaching notes?

Teaching notes are available to university faculty free of charge – for consultation only. This access is personal and limited in time. Teaching notes should never be shared with other users, and certainly not with students.

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