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Policy on copyright and royalty payments to authors

When a case is accepted for publication, the authors are required to complete and sign a Copyright Declaration.

Transfer and recognition of copyright

Authors who own the copyright to their case are required to transfer their rights to HEC  Montréal. Authors employed by HEC Montréal recognize that HEC Montréal is the first owner of the copyright of the case.


The Case Centre undertakes to propose the case to its business partners for purposes of commercialization. The authors authorize HEC Montréal to license the case to one of its distributors.

The Case Centre reserves the right to update cases. In most instances, updates will consist of short addenda that will be sold with the cases. Authors will be informed of any updates made to their case.

Revenue sharing

The Case Centre will pay authors up to fifty percent (50%) of any potential net revenue arising from the distribution of the Case. If there is more than one Author, the distribution of royalties will be prorated to the number of authors. The amount of royalties is calculated after payment of any commercialization costs owed to the distribution partner, translation and revision costs, and other fees.

Payments will be made once a year. A minimum annual threshold for issuing royalty payments to authors is set at $100. Royalties falling below the minimum threshold will be transferred to the Case Centre.

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