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The math assessment test (students newly admitted to preparatory year)

This test is intended to evaluate your mathematics skills learned in college and high school, identify your strengths and weaknesses. More, the test will suggest to students who fail certain parts of it to take one or more of the available online math skills workshops in order to start the school year on a more solid footing with respect to their math courses.

Placement test (students newly admitted to B.B.A. program)

This test is intended to evaluate your mathematics skills, and identify your strengths and weaknesses. along with your areas of improvement, by proposing a choice of activities   (mathematics workshop, reviews, etc.).

Self-evaluation tests (MBA)

Several of your courses will require you to upgrade your mathematical knowledge and skill.
We invite you to take the following self-diagnosis tests and enroll, if necessary, in the appropriate courses.

Tage Mage, admission test

The TAGE-MAGE test is a tool to evaluate and select candidates that want to study management.   

Lasting about 2.5 hours, the test evaluates skills in three areas: problem solving, verbal aptitudes and logical reasoning. The test includes 90 multiple-choice questions divided into six sections of 15 questions each. 

Infomations about the test

GMAT admission test

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) mainly evaluates candidates’ verbal, mathematical, and analytical and writing skills, essential for successfully completing management studies. 

The GMAT is divided into three sections. One section consists in writing two texts, and the two others contain multiple-choice questions.

Informations about the test

Self-diagnostic tests, Certificate program

The following tests reflect the content of the Mathematics I, II and III courses offered by the Mathematics Help Centre. These tests help you pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses in mathematics. You can also determine whether you would need to enrol in the workshops, and which ones meet your needs. Please do not look at the answers while you are taking the test; correct it once you have finished the whole thing. In fact, many courses offered by HEC Montréal include a quantitative aspect for which you will need to master the concepts covered in the workshop. 

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