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Mathematics workshops I, II and III

Is your mathematics knowledge sufficient to let you pass all the courses in the certificate program? 

Mathematics is a key component of several certificate courses. You need a good grounding in mathematics for most courses in the following disciplines: accounting, economics, finance, operations and production management, logistics and all quantitative methods courses. 

HEC Montréal offers workshop to upgrade your mathematics knowledge. Whether you are going back to school after spending time in the workforce or if this subject was never your forte, mastering the concepts in these workshops is indispensable if you wish to obtain your certificate easily. 

Find out all about the MHC by reading our pamphlets. They suggest work methods and tips to help you do better at your quantitative methods courses. 


At the start of each semester, the Mathematics Help Centre (MHC) organizes sessions to review basic mathematics concepts found in quantitative courses offered at HEC Montréal. As well, workshops are run on the common statistical softwares for data analysis that are used in the school courses.  

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