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Mathematics and Statistics Help Centre

Online and in-person support at the MSHC (CAMS in French)

    Individual help is available on prerequisites for mathematics and statistical methods taught in the courses of HEC Montreal. We also offer support to jump start data analysis with common statistical packages, for the various needs of students: courses, supervised projects, thesis. 

    Early support is offered in our workshops at the beginning of each semester. In most courses with subject code starting by MATH, the professor and/or an assistant offers office hours (please check your Zone Cours). In those cases, the support at the MSHC would be a plan B.

     This summer semester 2024, in-person individual help will be available on Tuesdays and on Thursdays at the Côte-Sainte-Catherine building (Université de Montréal metro station). Online support via Teams will also be available on those days. Monday schedules are also available, on Teams only.

How to book an appointment?

    To book an appointment, first select the location in the «Sélectionner le lieu» menu on the following page:
Select either online or Hélène Desmarais or Côte-Sainte-Catherine.
hen, in the CAMS tab, book the appointment (one or two 45-minute slot(s)) in the schedule of Michel Keoula.

    Alternatively, one can request a customized schedule by sending an email to . 

    For in-person meetings, upon arrival, please contact an employee at the circulation desk of the library. The library is located on the 2nd floor at Côte-Sainte-Catherine or the 5th floor at Hélène Desmarais.

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