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Access to over 1,800 teaching documents in both French and English.

The Catalogue is:

+  Over 1,800 teaching documents

The HEC Montréal Case Centre Catalogue offers over 1,800 teaching documents for the purpose of management education:

  • Traditional cases
  • Multimedia cases
  • Brief cases (3 pages or less)
  • Simulations
  • Industry notes
  • Role playing and
  • Other teaching tools that are closely linked to the principles of the case teaching method.

Most of these cases or tools are accompanied by teaching notes.

+  Available in French and in English

True to its mission to promote the production of cases and teaching materials in French, the vast majority of documents in the HEC Montréal Case Centre Catalogue are in French.
However, the Catalogue also includes many documents in English as well as some in Spanish.

Definitions and guides

Before submitting a case, please consult our guides.

Submit a case for the Catalogue

The Catalogue brings together a wide range of educational tools – in addition to traditional cases – rooted in the same learning principles as the case method, and written by authors from HEC Montréal.

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