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Can’t find the information you’re looking for? Check our FAQ for responses to specific questions.



  • I'm a graduate, when and how will I receive the invitation?

The invitation is sent approximately two months prior to the convocation ceremony by mail (postal address in your HEC en ligne) and by email to your @hec.ca address.


  • I will not attend the convocation ceremony. How do I obtain my diploma?

None of the diploma are available during the convocation ceremony. All diplomas will be send by mail (postal adress in your HEC en ligne) six to eight months after the end of your program.


  • I will not attend the convocation ceremony. Will I be invited to the next one?

No. You received only one invitation per diploma.



  • Do I have to register to attend the convocation ceremony?

Yes, during the registration period. Without registration, we will not assign you a seat and you will not be authorized to enter the Convocation hall.


  • How do I know if the registration worked correctly?

You will receive an automatic email from remisedediplomes@hec.ca  few minutes after your registration.

If you also pay online, you will receive a second automatic email with all the information about your payment (confirmation).


  • I forgot to register and the registration period has passed. What should I do?

Send an email to remisedediplomes@hec.ca as soon as possible.


  • I would like to correct some information submitted but I can't go back to the registration form. What should I do?

Send an email to remisedediplomes@hec.ca with your ID Student, program and the information to correct.


  • When I wanted to pay online, there was a problem and I cannot go back. What should I do?

Send an email to remisedediplomes@hec.ca with your ID Student and program to know how you will be able to pay.


  • I have to cancel my participation. What should I do?

Inform the Students Service as soon as possible, by sending an email to remisedediplomes@hec.ca  with your ID Student and program.


Graduate and guests tickets

  • How to obtain tickets for my guests and myself? How much are they?

You have to complete the registration form and write the number of guests you want and make the payment. Three weeks prior to the ceremony, you will receive the tickets by mail.

Graduate ticket is free and guest ticket costs $40 each. Children under 2 don't need to buy ticket to enter the Convocation hall.


  • I want more that 4 guests, how could I obtain more tickets?

If you know it when you fill the registration form, you can indicate this information. If not, send an email to remisedediplomes@hec.ca.

After the registration period, if there are places available, we will give them based on first asked, first served.


  • There are children and/or elderly people among my guests. What can I do to accommodate them and to avoid disturbance during the ceremony?

If you know it when you fill the registration form, you can indicate this information. If not, send an email to remisedediplomes@hec.ca

Remember there is no child care facilities at the venue. Children must be accompagnied by at least an adult other that the graduate who will not be seated with their guests.


  • What happens if graduate tickets or guests tickets are lost or forgotten on the day of the ceremony?

You will not be able to enter the Convocation venue without the tickets. When you arrive, go to the Welcome Desk to obtain duplicates.

Guests will have to give the graduate name to obtain these duplicates.


  • Places are assigned? Or can I seat where I want and with who I want?

Yes, places are assigned for both graduates and guests (except for the MBA and the EMBA's graduation ceremony ; guests seats will not be assigned or reserved and will be filled on a first come, first served basis.)

For graduate, places are assignated depending on your program and sequence to go on stage. Any ticket exchange between graduates will prevent you to go on stage.

For guest, any ticket exchange after we sent it to you and get lost, will prevent us of making duplicates.



  • My guest want to come close to the stage to take some picture of me. Is it possible?

No. Because of logistical reasons and space, all guests must remain seated during the ceremony. They're allowed to take photos and videos from their seat.

HEC Montréal has a professional photographe to take picture of each graduate on stage. All pictures will be available for purchase a few days after the cerecemony.


  • When can I have my cap and gown?

Upon your arrival to the Convocation venue, you will be directed to go get your cap and gown. Remember that the gown do not close, so what you wear will show.

Please, remember to return your gown before your leave or you will receive a bill for full value.


  • I want to bring a purse or a backpack, where can I leave it?

The Convocation venue does not accept purses, backpacks ou other kinds of bags at their coat check. Leave it to your guests prior to your arrival.


  • Can I leave the Convocation hall after I went on stage?

Out of courtesy for all graduates, we ask that you and your guests stay seated for the entire ceremony.

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