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Seminars will held in HEC Montreal's main building:
3000, Côte-Sainte-Catherine Road, Montreal
If you want to meet a guest or have any question related to Finance seminars,
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Fall 2015

Friday, August 28 2015, 10h
Room CPA du Québec
Dimitris Margaritis
University of Auckland
"Liquidity Patterns in the U.S. Corporate Bond Market"
Friday, September 11 2015, 10h
Room Xerox Canada
Cesare Fracassi
University of Texas at Austin
"Technological Specialization and the Decline of Diversified Firms"
Friday, October 2 2015, 10h
Room Xerox Canada
Léa H. Stern
Syracuse University
"A Learning-Based Approach to Evaluating Boards of Directors"
Friday, October 9 2015, 10h
Room Xerox Canada
Mohammad Erfan Danesh Jafari
University of Toronto
"The Power of Economic Network: Investor Recognition through Supply-Chain Relationship"
Friday, October 23 2015, 10h
Joint Seminar with McGill
Room Bronfman 002, McGill University
Wei Xiong
Princeton University
"Learning about the Neighborhood: Supply Elasticity and Housing Cycles"
Friday, October 30 2015, 10h
Room Sony
Ruslan Goyenko
McGill University
"Options Illiquidity: Determinants and Implications for Stock Returns"
Friday, November 6 2015, 10h
Room Xerox Canada
Joao Cocco
London Business School
"Background Expenditure Risk: Implications for Household Finances and Psychological Well-Being"
Friday, December 4 2015, 10h
Room Marie-Husny
Colin Ward
University of Minnesota
"Is the IT Revolution Over? An Asset Pricing View"

Winter 2016

Friday, March 11 2016, 10h
Room Banque CIBC
Lyian Yang
University of Toronto
"Commodity Financialization: Risk Sharing and Price Discovery in Commodity Futures Markets"
Friday, March 18 2016, 10h
Room Saine Marketing
Georgios Skoulakis
University of British Columbia
"Ex-Post Risk Premia Tests Using Individual Stocks: The IV-GMM Solution to the EIV Problem"
Thursday, March 24 2016, 11h
Room Standard Life
Traian Pirvu
McMaster University
"Multi-Stock Portfolio Optimization under Prospect Theory"
Friday, April 1 2016, 10h
Diane Del Guercio - SÉMINAIRE ANNULÉ le 31 mars 2016 à 14h30
University of Oregon
"Playing Favorites: Conflicts of Interest in Mutual Fund Management"
Friday, April 8 2016, 10h
Room Saine Marketing
Yacine Ait-Sahalia
Princeton University
"A Hausman Test for the Presence of Market Microstructure Noise in High Frequency Data"
Friday, April 15 2016, 10h
Room Saine Marketing
Ilze Kalnina
Université de Montréal
"Cross-Sectional Dependence in Idiosyncratic Volatily"
Friday, April 22 2016, 14h
Joint Seminar with McGill
Room Marie-Husny
Dimitri Vayanos
London School of Economics
"Liquidity Risk and the Dymanics of Arbitrage Capital"
Friday, April 29 2016, 14h
Room Xerox
Christopher Hennessy
London Business School
"Corporate Finance Responses to Exogenous Tax Changes: What Is the Null and Where Did It Come From?"
Tuesday, May 10 2016, 14h
Room Xerox Canada
Antje Berndt
North Carolina State University
"The Impact of Hedge Fund Activism on the Target Firm's CDS and Bond Yield Spreads"
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