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Presentation and Infrastructure

The National Bank Financial trading room is one of the largest and best equipped in the academic world.

A real-time trading environment

The trading room is supplied with financial data and is connected to the Bloomberg information and analysis service. It features 22 workstations, including one for the instructor.

The trading room replicates the environment found in financial institutions, allowing students to gain considerable knowledge and to strengthen the links between theory and practice. Trading simulations, backed by RIT software, are staged as part of various courses and training seminars held in the room.

The trading room is used mostly by the professors and students of all study programs at HEC Montréal. Each station provides access to information covering the main financial markets around the world. This information is processed using the most sophisticated analytical tools.

Sessions are offered to students from different programs: BBA, specialized diploma, MBA, and MSc.

The room also serves as a laboratory for case solving and collection of high frequency financial data.


Rotman Interactive Trader (RIT)

RIT is trading simulation software developed for educational purposes. It lets users apply theoretical concepts to a trading environment.
Simulation sessions cover themes such as stocks/indices, currencies, fixed income securities, and options.

Bloomberg terminals

The trading room hosts 21 Bloomberg terminals. These terminals are comprehensive tools for analyzing financial information. They provide access to most of the financial securities traded worldwide. They can be used not only for trading activities, but also for portfolio management and financial risk management.

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