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Informations for students


Fall 2022

The availability of the evaluation for the majority of the courses will be from November 24 at 8:00 a.m. until December 7 11:55 p.m.

Winter 2023

The availability of the evaluation for the majority of the courses will be from March 31 at 8:00 a.m. until April 17 11:55 p.m.

Summer 2023

The availability of the evaluation for the majority of the courses will be from June 13 at 8:00 a.m. until June 20 11:55 p.m.



Is it useful to evaluate our courses and teachers?

Yes, it’s essential. The evaluation results and comments are an essential source of information for teachers, faculties and administrative departments to:

  • Improve courses
  • Improve programs
  • Take decisions on promotions and tenure for professors and full-time lecturers
  • Renew contracts for lecturers

Above all, teachers can find in your answers hints to improve their teaching. Each year, many of them review their teaching methods after receiving feedback from the students.

In addition, the teaching evaluation assure the School’s accountability on the quality of its teaching required by the international accreditations in business education.


Why evaluate teaching online?

The online teaching evaluation system is flexible and allows the administration to offer specific questionnaires to different kinds of programs and courses. The evaluation will be available for one week or two depending of the course format and program.

The online evaluation of teaching allows to save substantial amount of paper resources (more than 100 000 sheets each year) which follows the sustainability vision of HEC Montréal. By evaluating online, we also save time for handling and management of paper forms. This enables HEC Montréal to diminish significantly the expenses related to the administration of this process.

In addition, the online questionnaire allows students to take more time to answer the questions and give a better quality feedback to teachers.


Why evaluate the instructor and the course in two different questionnaires?

The course and the teacher are separately evaluated to avoid uncontrollable elements for the teacher to bias results. In the same way, the evaluation results for the course is used specifically to improve programs. The separate treatment of the information is easier for instructors and program directors.


How do I access the evaluation questionnaires?

The online evaluation is available in ZoneCours website through “My Workspace” (home page). You will find your evaluation questionnaires in the “Evaluation system” tool which is located in the left menu. The questionnaire can be filled easily with any mobile device.

Once you are in the evaluation tool, you will see the name of all the courses you have to evaluate. Pay attention on which course you evaluate, they can easily be confounded.

In the case you have more than one instructor, the questions related to the instructor will be repeated for each of them. Verify carefully the name of the instructor before answering the questions.

Once you completed the questionnaire, click on “Submit evaluation”. You can modify your answers until the closing date.

More information about the access through ZoneCours


I have to log in into ZoneCours. Is the evaluation really confidential?

YES. The result processing of the evaluation is independent from the identity of the user. All the information submitted to the system are completely confidential. In no case the instructors can associate answers to one student. The student have to log in only to assure the access to the right course evaluations. Once the evaluation process is completed, the instructor receives a report summarizing results and comments.


Can I complete the questionnaire with classmates?

It is recommended to complete the questionnaire individually, in order not to distort results. Try to be as honest and objective as possible. It’s your feedback that matters!


When will the instructors access its evaluation results?

All instructors will have access to their evaluation results ten days after the last day of the final exam period.


For how long will I have access to the questionnaire?

According to the course or the program format, the evaluations will be available during one to two weeks before the last session and the final exam if applicable. Whenever it is possible, your instructor will give you time in class to answer the questionnaire, but you can complete it at any time. Please note that you can go back in the evaluations to modify your answers until the closing date at 11:59 pm.


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