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Editorial policy : Social Networks


If you follow your accounts, you can expect to be informed of the following aspects of the Library and its representatives:

  • novelties and informations on products and services;   
  • content written by the librarians;
  • advices from the librarians;
  • photos and videos;
  • information with cultural, philanthropic or social implications;
  • news and general current affairs;
  • speeches and events;
  • press releases;
  • results from studies, research and surveys;
  • other content deemed pertinent.


  • Respect and civicism are to be strictly observed: remarks of a sexist, defamatory, discriminatory, racist, xenophobic or hateful nature will be removed.
  • All forms of harassment or threats are prohibited.
  • French is prioritised, but messages in English or in Spanish are welcome.
  • Announcements related to advertising, recruitment and solicitation are not accepted and will be removed.
  • Comments from a third party must be correctly cited.

Social media as an official source of information on policies

Social media accounts should not be considered as an authoritative source of information in connection with the policies and directives of the library. Consult the Policies and Regulations (PDF) to be informed about official updates.

“Like” on Facebook, “Follow” on Twitter

At the moment, we do not automatically like a Facebook page and we do not perform an automatic follow on Twitter. We like and follow primarily the pages and accounts of specific clients, partners and participants. The fact that we like a page and that we follow a page does not mean that we approve of the content.

Community managers

In the interests of diffusing pertinent and varied content and to offer adequate customer services, the Facebook and Twitter accounts of the HEC Montréal Library are primarily hosted by three community managers. These three are supported by ten other managers specialized in customer services.

Answers to questions and comments

We are not only committed to diffusing content but also to exchanging information through social media with members of the Library. We answer comments during the day and evenings, weekdays and week-ends, and this, within a 24 hour delay.

Answers to private messages

We try to answer individually to private messages that we receive via Facebook and Twitter. Private messages will be read and all emerging topics or useful suggestions will be transferred to appropriate library staff or published on the site. We answer comments during the day and evenings, weekdays and week-ends, and this, within a 24 hour delay.

Content published by members

The Library reserves the right to remove, without warning, all content published by members with social media accounts and deemed not pertinent or inappropriate and in contradiction to the Library’s netiquette (see above).

Information displayed more than once

It is possible that we will display information more than once, if we deem it most interesting to our audience. The fact that we display information more than once, does not mean that we support the author or the displayed content or any organization that is referenced by the content.

Questions and complaints

We do not process complaints received via social media. If you have questions regarding this policy or if you would like to submit a complaint, please write to us at :


If you are a journalist, please submit your questions to Émilie Novales, Consultant for media relations, HEC Montréal. Do not submit your questions on social media.


We cannot comment on partisan policy issues or respond to questions that infringe upon our professional ethics code.

We are not responsible for service interruptions due to system failures with Twitter or Facebook or for any other reason.

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