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Study programs in information technologies

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Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.)


Specialized Graduate Diplomas (D.E.S.S.)

Ph.D. in Administration

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Master of Science in Administration (M.Sc.)


Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.)

Option supervisor: Michel Mainville

Students learn to analyze, plan, develop, roll out and monitor a company’s information technologies while combining their technological, strategic and human dimensions.


Option supervisor: Yannick Brière

Certificate in Information and Systems Security Analysis

Information security is a major concern and a real challenge, but professionals who have a good understanding of both the technology and the needs of the organization are scarce. With this 30-credit program, become one of these analysts with multidisciplinary skills! 


Certificate in Information Systems and Business Analysis
Looking to become a business analyst? This 30-credit program will teach you how to analyze corporate IT projects in order to offer effective technology solutions to your clients.

Specialized Graduate Diplomas (D.E.S.S.)


Option Supervisor: Camille Grange

This program trains the next generation of E-Business analysts and mangers. By the end of it, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the impact that technological changes have on the socioeconomic and organizational spheres. You will also have acquired the strategic acumen needed to act on the business opportunities that arise thanks to the Web and the digital econmy.


Ph.D. in Administration

Option supervisor: Ryad Titah

Ph.D. specialization

The HEC Montreal Ph.D. specialization in Information Technologies prepares students to become high-level, autonomous researchers. The curriculum emphasizes the mastering of research methods and the gaining of in-depth knowledge of the information technology literature. The knowledge thus acquired is applied during the conduct of the Ph.D. thesis. Over the course of the program, students are strongly encouraged to prepare – in collaboration with their supervisors – conference paper presentations and journal manuscript submissions. 


Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Option Supervisor: Jean Talbot

Specialization in IT Management

Master of Science in Administration (M.Sc.)

Information Technologies option (in French)

Option supervisor: Alina-Maria Dulipovici

Students learn to analyze the IT needs of a company’s departments, design information systems or improve on existing ones. You will also learn to recognize growth opportunities and effectively manage IT resources.

Master of Science in Electronic Commerce

Option supervisor: Camille Grange

You will develop a comprehensive understanding of the problems related to e-commerce by tackling legal, management and IT issues, and you will learn how to effectively incorporate e-Commerce technologies and solutions in organizations. The combination of know-how and field experience that this program offers will give you an edge in an increasingly competitive business environment.

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