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ESG Issues: KPMG Makes a $600,000 Donation to HEC Montréal

February 23, 2023

Through a $600,000 donation, KPMG is making a generous contribution to the Measuring Beyond initiative. This donation designed to position HEC Montréal as a leader in environmental, social and governance (ESG) education and research. This world-class collaborative space, bringing together HEC Montréal and the Saïd Business School at University of Oxford, was created in June 2022 to develop common evaluation criteria for measuring corporate performance on ESG factors.

KPMG in Quebec has more than 2,000 professionals and employees across the province serving private- and public-sector clients. The firm continues to play an active role in the education of the student community, businesses and other key players in the business world.

Johanne Turbide and Benoit Lacoste Bienvenue

Through this major contribution from KPMG, HEC Montréal will be able to deploy several initiatives on ESG issues: an annual conference that will bring together stakeholders from both business and higher education, a mentoring space, a scholarship program, and ad hoc events organized around emerging ESG issues.

Benoit Lacoste Bienvenue, Québec Managing Partner, confirms the importance and impact of this collaboration:

“We are very pleased to make this contribution. It will highlight the importance of ESG measurement, particularly on the issue of decarbonisation, for transforming Quebec companies. We want to send a strong message to the younger generation that this is a skill of the future, one that is destined to play a leading role in the economy. We also want to show that KPMG is committed to it, not only financially but also through its expertise and global network.”

Delighted by this gesture by KPMG toward ESG measures, Johanne Turbide, Secretary General of HEC Montréal, enthusiastically adds:

“I am delighted to see the partnership that HEC Montréal and HEC Montréal Foundation have just signed with KPMG as part of the Measuring Beyond initiative, an alliance between HEC Montréal and the Saïd Business School at University of Oxford. The goal is to actively participate in the standardization of ESG measures through research and knowledge transfer and by mobilizing the business community. This generous contribution from a loyal partner will support our academic work, which will be based on the standards proposed by the ISSB* and on feedback from the business community. First we will focus on the urgent issue of decarbonizing the economy. We are very excited to take part in efforts to address this great challenge.”

Michel Patry, President and CEO of the HEC Montréal Foundation, also speaks of his sincere gratitude:

“Businesses are under pressure to evaluate their performance beyond financial results, so this generous gesture by KPMG is excellent news for HEC Montréal, which makes ESG criteria a priority, but also, of course, for our entire business community. This is a very promising partnership, and I sincerely thank KPMG for working hand in hand with us, so that we can help build the future together.”

More broadly, KPMG is committed to contributing to local and national economic development by supporting the training of tomorrow's leaders. Mr. Lacoste Bienvenue also invites industry peers to follow suit, noting that:

“Supporting the next generation means helping the most talented students study at HEC Montréal, regardless of their financial situation.”

*International Sustainability Standards Board


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