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About MacroMontréal

MacroMontreal is a network linking the macroeconomists from the Department of Applied Economics at HEC Montreal, and from the economics departments of the Universite de Montreal, McGill University, UQAM and Concordia University. The objective of MacroMontreal is to host leading economist who can stimulate research and debate in addressing the main open questions in macroeconomics, and provide innovative perspectives on current economic issues.



Montreal Macroeconomics Seminar Schedule


Date Day Speaker Location
05-11-2018 Friday Gita Gopinath HEC - MacroMontréal
03-23-2018 Friday Giorgio Primiceri HEC - MacroMontréal
11-10-2017 Friday Charles Engel HEC - MacroMontréal
10-03-2017 Friday Yuriy Gorodnichenko HEC - MacroMontréal
11-25-2016 Friday Harold L. Cole HEC - MacroMontréal
11-18-2016 Friday Xavier Gabaix HEC - MacroMontréal
05-20-2016 Friday Mircea Trandafir Concordia
05-20-2016 Friday Morten Ravn HEC - MacroMontréal
05-20-2016 Friday Mircea Trandafir Concordia
05-13-2016 Friday David Andolfatto Concordia (CIREQ-MacroMontreal)
05-10-2016 Tuesday Bart Hobijn HEC Montréal
05-06-2016 Friday Oded Galor Universite de Montréal (CIREQ-macro)
04-29-2016 Friday Marco Del Negro UQAM
04-22-2016 Friday CIREQ Macro Conference  
04-21-2016 Thursday Invitation in progress Concordia
04-18-2016 Monday Paul Beaudry Université de Montréal (CIREQ-macro)
04-15-2016 Friday Jan Grobovsek McGill
04-14-2016 Thursday Martin Schmalz Université de Montréal
04-12-2016 Tuesday Jonathan Heathcote HEC - MacroMontréal
04-08-2016 Friday John Jones McGill
04-07-2016 Thursday Charles Engel UQAM
03-31-2016 Thursday Lise Lindenlaub Université de Montréal
03-23-2016 Wednesday Andres Rodriguez-Clare Université de Montréal
03-18-2016 Friday David Andolfatto Concordia
03-15-2016 Tuesday Luigi Pistaferri HEC Montréal
03-04-2016 Friday Stephen Parente Concordia
11-19-2015 Thursday Ben Pugsley Université de Montréal
11-13-2015 Friday Simon Gilchrist HEC - MacroMontréal
11-07-2015 Saturday CMSG Meeting McGill
11-06-2015 Friday CMSG Meeting McGill
11-05-2015 Thursday Henry Siu HEC Montréal
11-05-2015 Thursday Giorgio Primiceri UQAM
11-05-2015 Thursday Cesar Sosa-Padilla Université de Montréal
10-23-2015 Friday Luigi Bocola McGill
10-08-2015 Thursday Mick Devereux Université de Montréal - Joint Seminar
10-06-2015 Tuesday Alejandro Justiniano HEC Montréal
10-02-2015 Friday Jesus Villaverde UQAM - Joint Seminar
10-01-2015 Thursday Adrien Matray Université de Montréal
09-29-2015 Tuesday Leonardo Melosi HEC Montreal
09-25-2015 Friday Tasso Adamopoulos McGill
09-22-2015 Tuesday Robert Zymek McGill
09-17-2015 Thursday Shu Lin Wee Université de Montréal
09-11-2015 Friday Roberto Samaniego McGill
09-03-2015 Thursday Alex Bick Université de Montréal



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