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Good reasons to pursue your bachelor’s degree at HEC Montréal

When you pursue a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) at HEC Montréal, not only are you choosing one of the top management schools in the world, you’re also giving yourself a chance to have an amazing student experience, even during the pandemic. Learn more.

International and multicultural

When you start your BBA, you will begin to discover the world of business administration. You will also have the unique opportunity to study in French, English and Spanish—HEC Montréal is the only school in North America to provide this option. In fact, two thirds of first-year students opt for a bilingual or trilingual stream, opening up doors to the rest of the world. If you’re concerned your language skills aren’t up to par, whether you’re right or wrong, not to worry! You’ll have access to business language courses in these languages, and in Mandarin Chinese as well!

International and multicultural

25 %

One fourth of BBA students come from countries other than Canada.

Core curriculum, cohort … sound familiar?

This is HEC Montréal’s trademark. The first terms of the BBA program are spent exploring courses in the main specializations available to you. We call these core curriculum courses. Marketing? Accounting? Entrepreneurship? Another field? You will select one of 15 specializations later on.

More importantly, you will take your courses in a cohort of the same sixty-some people with whom you began your program. This is useful under normal circumstances, and even more so during distance learning. Your teachers are never far away. You will develop a sense of teamwork and solidarity with your fellow cohort members, which could turn into lifelong friendships and connections.

“I have very fond memories of every debate, experiment, team project…and every laugh we shared!”

Alyson Drolet, BBA graduate

Great opportunities to develop your skills

Student activities on HEC Montréal campus give you a ton of opportunities to build a social life, gain some new skills and lay the groundwork for your professional ambitions.

When you choose the BBA, you’ll join a group of folks giving it all they’ve got, all year long. Students flex their skills in university competitions, such as the Jeux du commerce, Happening Marketing and the HR Symposium—all opportunities for you to gain unforgettable, enriching experiences that will beef up your CV and help you make connections! You’ll also get support from HEC Montréal alumni who are highly talented coaches ready to share their expertise to support your personal and professional development.

Jeux du Commerce 2023


In the last 35 years, HEC Montréal’s student team has won the Jeux du Commerce 14 times. In 2023, they secured the 2nd place in the overall ranking.

On a more modest level, you can get involved every day in areas you feel passionate about, including a number of committees that reflect your interests and values and fit in your schedule. There are specialization committees, such as for marketing, economics, CPA and human resources, as well as committees focusing on diversity, sports, sustainable development, etc.

These types of activities tend to be prized by employers, as well as by HEC Montréal. Some can even earn you credits!

Support from the entire School

Another reason why choosing HEC Montréal makes all the difference: we are committed to consistently providing a welcoming, healthy and stimulating campus. You’ll have access to top-notch equipment to support your studies. Our ultramodern classrooms have been updated d in 2021. The library, with its wealth of digital tools, is the largest bilingual business library in Canada. And don’t forget about the legendary trading room and the CEPSUM sports complex, which you’ll share with the Carabins as soon as conditions allow!

You’ll also have access to high-level professional resources. These include assistance in French and math, but also psychological support, study support and support for students with disabilities.

Équité, de diversité et d’inclusion

In 2020, HEC Montréal adopted a Policy on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion to help everyone find belonging and rise to their full potential.

Years 2 and 3: You will have other opportunities to enrich your experience

Découvrir la culture d’affaires d’un autre pays

During year 2, you can travel and study without lengthening the duration of your BBA. You will have the chance to discover another country’s business culture by going on exchange, doing an internship or enrolling in Campus Abroad.

You can also prepare to enter the job market by doing one or more paid, credited internships. You will get to know different organizations and develop your expertise. This will also be a chance to put your specialization into practice!

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